Antheia owners, need your help...

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  1. I'm invited to a personal appointment out side my LV store tomorrow to see and boy the Antheia. This will be the onely chance to get it in norway.. I never seen it IRL but search every page for infomation an pictures... I don't know what do do. It looks like a fantstic bag, but I also see that some of you returned it... Why?
    And if you owne it, do you love it? And do you use it? And is it holding up well??

    Looks like its my only chance to get this bag, and don't know what to do. Need some good advice...
  2. I have tried on the GM and it was lovely but too big for me ...just waiting for the PM to arrive at my only concern would be how well the lambskin holds up? GOOD LUCK:smile:
  3. Anyone???

    4 h to the appointment, and don't know what to do.

    But can you just get in the store and buy it? They told me by appontment only, and only this day....
  4. Any updates?
  5. I've tried on the GM as well and it was too big on me. I like the PM size in the Taupe (Fumee), but the open top of the bag worries me. I haven't seen a lot of reveals on this bag and it doesn't sound like a popular bag. Good luck on your decision.