Antheia came yesterday and....

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  1. I received the antheia in framboise this afternoon and it has already been shipped back. I did not like it at all.
  2. ^What did you not like? Waiting for mine as well.....
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    Unfortunately, there was nothing at all I liked about it. The pictures on this post were so much nicer than what the bag actually looks like. The framboise is darker and duller in person. Because I also love Chanel, I had to compare the material and workmanship to Chanel bags, and there was no comparison. If I am going to buy a lambskin bag for approximately $3,000, it will be a Chanel. I also hated how loose and slouchy the bag was.
  4. ^^I like Chanel this should be interesting, though I got the Greying color and love slouchy we will see. Thanks for the input- we all have our likes and dis-likes, so wonder what I am going to think now that you had your input.....will update soon! Thanks for the info;)
  5. I am upset with myself because I had no desire to get this bag until I saw the post. It was one of those buy without seeing or thinking. I am sure there will be plenty of people that absolutely love the bag. The color is definitely not at all like the pictures. I think that was the most upsetting.
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    ^^ oh dear... The colour is indeed prettier on pics. A little brighter and pink would be sweet.
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    The slouchiness is unlike mahina. Antheia is extremely light which makes it slouch and take after the shape of what is in the bag.

    I had cheche bohemian in mind but realised that it is fabric and the material wouldn't hold any structure-- I was quite disappointed. So when Antheia came about, the style is similar to cheche bohemian without being loose and filmsy.

    When compared to chanel, antheia is on a completely different league from chanel lambskin which is thicker and heavier. I guess when one buys a piece of leather, they would expect some sort of weight to justify that while antheia is so much lighter than a mahina.

    Someone mentioned that Eden speedy is very soft too and has no structure too... Sigh... I wished I have not missed the preview last dec.
  8. I could not agree with you more. My SA said it was pink. It definitely is not.

  9. Does that mean the eden neo is going to be very soft? I hope not.
  10. ^^ I don't know cause I have yet to see it IRL but the strips on the eden are lambskin and I think they have a bit of weight?

    Someone waitlisted for eden speedy and when she took out the stuffing, the bag sorta collapse and it feels soft.... and she went for mono neo instead cause it is more structured.

    I was looking at restrictor's thread, her eden noe looks rather sturdy.

    I am not sure and I can't wait to see it IRL.... the wait is getting too long.
  11. I missed mine today. GRRRRR. I had no idea that they would require a signature....

    I will absolutely compare this to Chanel.
  12. assumption too is that given that the LV is embossed- the lambskin will be a different look altogether and feel. I would say that Chanel lambksin it almost buttery soft...I love it, no doubt- but lambskin Chanels that I have to scratch a lot.

    The Antheia (to me) may seem a bit more durable due to the embossed leather design.....maybe I am wrong.

    What color is the Marron?? Is it brown or ???
  13. They are calling it caramel. I'll let you know tomorrow, if I can swing getting the package somewhere where I can sign for it.
  14. This is not the best pic. But you can vaguely make out the framboise (behind) and caramel (front).

    Pic with fumee is too dark-- fumee is a shade darker than taupe.

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  15. Yay! The caramel is not as dark as I was concerned it would be.