Ant problems in the house!!

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  1. Recently there has been ants here and there showing up in my home.

    I am officially tired of spraying them, sweeping them up,mopping and cleaning up the mess everyday bc of this problem.

    They are mostly seen in my bathroom which I don't kno what they watn from the bathroom! They are usually in the tub, I believe looking for water,maybe???

    I even bought clear sealant and sealed up a few spots that I believe they are coming in from but they just won't stop showing up!

    Does or has any1 had an ant prroblem?

    I am thinking of visiting Lowes Or Home Depot to find some ant killers.

    :Push: ​
  2. Hi there,
    Totally go to Home depot or one of those stores and get a spray. There's some out there that after you spray, it leaves a residue that ants detect and won't come back. I forget the name of it.

    When I lived on the beach I contantly had the problem until i found a spray that worked. Also, the little ant hotels you can put in corners seem to work too.

    Hope it helps!

    cheers, linda
  3. I have had plenty of experience with ants!! The thing I have found that works best is a posion chalk. Dont use this if you have young children around. But it looks just like regular chalk and I have seen them in chinese and spanish packaging at little convience stores. Works MIRACLES. No smell unlike raid. And after you draw it in a spot... they never ever come back to that area.
  4. I have the same problem. I hate coming home to a bunch of ants crawling in the kitchen. I clean my house like everyday, so there's no food laying around that will attrack them. Whenever the weather is super hot outside, the ants somehow always find their way in to the house :cursing:

    I can't recall the name of the spray that I've been using.. if I'm not mistaken it's called Hot Shot??? :confused1::confused1:
  5. I used Hot Shot too and even though it does work, make sure you leave all the windows in your house open after you spray it. Maybe it's just me but that spray always gives me a mild headache for the next 2 days. I must have been "poisoned" from sniffing that spray. :upsidedown:
  6. It's been so freaking HOT in Cali lately that my kitchen counter is flooded with ants. No matter how much I cleaned, sprayed and even put out ants bait, it just doesn't seems to work. So I started following the ants trail to see where they are coming from and once I locate the source, I spray the heck out of the place. It works kind of... I now have less ants than before. :Push:

    I also recently declared WAR with the gophers too. You can play golf in my front yard due to the holes those damn gophers have been creating! :cursing:
  7. terro. works effectively but it takes time as it draws the ants to it, they eat it and take it back to the ant colony and it kills them all. this does work but it is gross watching them flock to it. queen
  8. I had ants in my bathroom, too. They like the moisture. What worked for me was oil of peppermint. Its very strongly scented (made my eyes water) so you might want to dilute it in a spray bottle.
  9. I had an ant problem in the bathroom too earlier this summer!

    I bought ant traps (which are the ones that look like brown houses) and in a few days, it killed all of them!! So I suggest you try that! If there are a lot of them, I suggest putting a lot of those little houses.
  10. Terro ant killer. It is a sweet liquid with borax in it. The ants take it back to their nest, and it kills them and the queen. Much less toxic than sprays, but it takes a while. Fortunately, once you put it out, they seem to just go for it, and usually stay in the area of the bait. You will notice less and less of them as time goes on. I used this when I lived in an area with a lot of sugar ants, and it worked great (plus I had little kids then and didn't want to expose them or myself to harmful pesticides.)

    Good luck!