Ant bites-mud masks

  1. I picked up a neighbor's cute little puppy last week and it stepped in red ants and they bit me really bad on my arm and neck. I got big red bumps like large mosquito bites and the itching drove me nuts. I took Benadryl and tried a few anti itch creams, nothing worked. Then I finally decided to put mud mask on them and I had a mint and grape mud mask and applied it maybe 10 times a day. The swelling went down in one day on my arms but my neck is still a bit swollen due to washing off the mask if I go out. I mean who wants to walk around with what looks like green paint on your neck and chest.
    So just a reminder if you get bit by any bugs this summer a mud mask will draw out the junk and help with the itching.
  2. Thanks for the tip, sorry that happened to you. Were they fire ants?
  3. Gosh you poor thing. I have had that happen to me and those suckers hurt! I would start putting on neosporin or other antibiotic so you don't scar. Goldbond is good for the itching.
  4. Interesting..thanks for sharing!
  5. I've heard of using that for bee stings too. Also I've heard that toothpaste works well in drawing out the "poison".
  6. They were not fire ants but red ants and they hurt. I tried a few sprays and ointments and nothing helped. A friend who is a nurse told me the toothpaste thing works too. I have had my share of fire ant bites in Florida, they are the worst but these actually were bigger than large mosquito bites. I am OK now.

  7. :heart:Glad you are OK now!
  8. I'd heard regular mud would work for ant bites and bee stings as well. Hope you're doing better by now!