Answers to some embrassing questions

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  1. Got this in a email this morning, figure i pass it along. You never know:shrugs: u might need to know

    Q: I am nervous about doing "it" at my boyfriends. Not sex, but number two. I have avoided it so far by sneaking out to the closest fast food joint but I can't keep this up. Nature will call. How do I clear the air? Does lighting a match work?:lol:

    A: Lighting a match works. It burns the sulphur in the air. Collect free matchbooks from cool bars and restaurants to add to your bathroom décor. Where a match is impractical or illegal we keep Just Drops on hand. It's tiny bottle that fits in your pocket or bag. Put one drop in the bowl before you do your business and the odors are trapped within. (Just don't try to take it on a plane anytime soon.)

    Q: I've just started all the whole grains, beans and veggies that one is "supposed to". I have energy, but it seems to be coming from a gas engine. How does one control major flatulence? I hate elevators and taxis due to my noxious emissions.

    A: Try an odor-absorbing panty liner made called Fem D. It is made of a thin comfortable fabric, containing activated charcoal, which is a proven smell-reducing ingredient. It can be worn with thongs or panties and are re-useable with proper care. Not only will it kill the naughty gas, it will also protect against feminine odor.
  2. Is it wrong that those two aren't even an issue with my bf and I?

  3. LOL!!! oh my!!
  4. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  5. Ok???
  6. LOL same here! We've gone way past the appropriate comfort level...:lol:
  7. OMG, LOL!!!

    With all of my boyfriends, I had no problem going #2 at their house and they had no problem going #2 at mine. It's natural, why should I be grossed out by me needing to get rid of stuff that I ate a few days ago?! And who cares if it stinks, it's not only yours that stinks, lol!

    Farting isn't an issue for me either. Most of mine are silent (but not deadly!!)...But sometimes they can get pretty wild. Hey, I can't do anything about it - and it's not healthy to hold them in (but I will if I'm in public!), but around BFs it's not a big deal
  8. I feel some things should be left to privacy. But that is just me.
  9. I wish my husband still cared about not doing that stuff in front of me. Thats okay its payback when I do it!
  10. hehe, to me shutting the bathroom door is enough privacy :smile:
  11. This is just gross.:throwup:

    (I know it's human nature, but some things are better left unsaid.)
  12. ^^ I dunno... it's natural. It's not like we're walking around pooping on the floors and farting in public... if you can't be comfortable about these things with your SO... what's the point?

    I think those drop things are hilarous. I'd never go that in depth to carry drops around with me.... maybe keep it in my purse for other times though. lol
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Sorry but I think this is hilarious! A fart absorbing pantyliner? Are we that hard up for new inventions?
  14. ^^ It's sad, but I've heard of them before! there just cannot be a market for that! Unless someone just has a horrible flatulence problem.
  15. Oh man, me and my boyfriend joke about stuff like and it's really not an issue. I'm glad to see everyone else is the same way and that we're not just weird!