Answers for Ashley to Fall Questions From You!!!

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  1. savvy23 ~ before getting bummed, let's compare the dimensions:I wonder if Ashley simply meant to say Love Me Midi but instead said Love Me Mini...I mean, it's a difference of a single letter ~ the "n", even though she refers to them by their acronyms.

    Based upon the dimensions between these two distinctly different styles, the Make Me Smile Midi gains 1" in width, gains another 2.5" in height, and loses slightly over 1/4" in depth when measured against the Love Me Mini; so, it's not smaller, but, rather, larger!!! :yes: In fact, the Make Me Smile Midi is around the same size, if not just slightly larger.

    Keep in mind that some interior space is lost when the Love Me Mini is closed because of its cinched closure; and, similarly, the top of the Make Me Smile Midi has a horizontal crescent-like shape; so, it too loses some interior space.

    It seems you may not be relegated to just the Hug Me after all, and before you get the swatches, you have time to re-think this! :tup:

    Good luck deciding!

  2. If you look at the dimensions for the MMS midi they are bigger than the LMM.
    For the MMS midi :H 11”, W 13”, D” 4.7
    For the LMM: Size: H 8 1/2", 12"
  3. Yes dsrk, That is what I was trying to say. I didn't see your post before I posted.
  4. Karenina ~ you know what they say about great minds! :yes:

  5. Karenina & dsrk--great minds do think alike! Thanks, i was kind of bummed about thinking it was the LM Mini she was saying the Make Me smile was a smaller version of. I guess my mind has been crazy with the bag frenzy that I did not think to compare the actual sizes.

    This is why I like this forum so much...because we ladies all help each other in understanding our bags and chosing the ones that fit us best!

    So, now I am back on to Hug ME and Make Me Smile!!! Rethinking colors...thanks and now I am VERY HAPPY!!
  6. I know Ashely said that all bags will have magnetic closures... But what about Hold Me? I just can't imagine this bag with a magnetic closure!!! I was loving it with an open top (just this style!)!!

    Thank you for answering all the questions, Jan and Ashley!
  7. The Hold me has a magnetic closure.
  8. We are great!! LOL

    That is what I love about this place too. I love being able to come here and pick everyone's brains! I also love reading everyone else's perspectives about the bags too. I really don't know what I would do without all my BE buddies! It is even better now that we have our own forum. :tup:
  9. I know....I love the fact that we finally have our own BE forum!!!!

    Time for a martini!!!

    Love you guys!!
  10. It's fab as we all have different tastes and styles....and thanks to the forum, may venture out of our comfort zone, into an exciting world.......a BE world!!! :heart:
  11. Hold Me always had a magnetic closure? Or only new Fall bags have it?
  12. ^^
    They all have them.
  13. YES it is!! Pour me one too!!:graucho:
  14. I've been chasing kids all day outside..make my martini a BIG ONE!