Answers for Ashley to Fall Questions From You!!!

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  1. Okay ladies, here are the answers to your Fall 08 questions straight from Ashley! Enjoy!

    Hi Jan,
    Ok, have a second to breathe now. Most bags are out!! Yay lol! Now I can answer these questions. I am going number and write who wrote the question:

    1) Mayajuliana: As for caring for the crash leather. It is a bit more durable than the regular leather- when it comes to rain. I have my LM in black crash and have not treated it with anything, and it rains A LOT here in London it is still looking as gorgeous as ever J But we just recommend to treat with any kind of leather/waterproof protectant. Better safe than sorry. We are going to put something on the website soon about treating leather- just one of our many things that needs to be done.

    2) Gga: If there are about 7 or 8 people that would like a Hug Me in dark grey glossy, then we would be able to produce it.

    3) TropicalGal: The messenger straps are truly crossbody straps. Yes the straps are thin, but the leather is really strong. I just filled a Hug Me and tried it on with the messenger strap it was comfy and secure.

    4) Savvy23: Size comparison- Take Me Everywhere: a bit smaller and much lighter than the regular size LM

    Take Me Everywhere Midi: an in between size. Just like the new LM Midi.

    Whisper to Me: similar size to the LM but a bit smaller, it is a flatter bag, used most as a messenger bag

    Whisper to Me Midi: size is in between the mini and the midi, but it is a flat bag which holds a lot

    Make Me Smile: available only if ordered within the next week. Very similar to the LM size.

    Make Me Smile Midi: most useful size. Slightly smaller than the LMM, much lighter because of the handle

    Hug Me: similar to the LM midi. Great as a medium bag!

    5) Ckayakrx2 : If you want any of the spring bags, it is best to order them now. The fall bags are what we are focusing on for fall. However, if fall comes around and a group of 10 people decide they would love a LMM in fuchsia, we would be able to do it. We may reorder some more spring bags before fall, but we are not positive on that yet.

    This is no set deadline for the fall bags. But we advise- to avoid disappointment- that if you know you want a style to order it as soon as you can. If you don’t preorder the style/colour we cannot guarantee that we will have one left for you. We only order a certain amount of bags each order.

    6) Kings_20: the price of the large MMS is leather $748 and crash $799

    7) Dsrk: Petrol is glossy, there is no petrol crash. Must have been a typo in Jackie’s end. We’re not always perfect.

    8) Ilikepenguins: all fall bags are going to have snap closures!

    *We are working on getting the modeling pictures done as soon as we can. I know you are dying to see some, so please be a bit more patient J*

    Ok, that’s all that’s up on the page, so if you could please post that for me that would be great! Let me know if there are any other questions off the top of your head. If not, I will check back to this page when I return to the office on Wed.

    Have a great weekend!

    Xx Ashley
  2. Wow, this is really efficient! Thanks JNH and Ashley!
  3. What a brilliant response - way to go Ashley!

    Some of those questions I didn't even know I wanted to know, until I heard the answers!
  4. Thank you soooo much for posting this for us. I am so happy that the new fall bags will have magnetic closures!!
  5. You are so welcome!:smile:
  6. :ty:

    AAAaaaahhhhh ~ MOST EXCELLENT!!!

    So, I still have a chance of getting a Fuchsia LMM w/ Silver h/w ! ! !

    Thanks so much JNH14 for taking care of this ~ talk about efficiency!!!
  7. Thanks JNH14 -- you and Ashley rock!
  8. Thanks! Anytime for fellow BE lovers! :blush:
  9. Yay for snap closures! Open-top bags are hard for me, I'm too paranoid lol. Thanks for getting our questions answered!
  10. Wow, answers to questions I didn't even have yet. Thanks so much :smile:
  11. Thank you!
  12. This is great! Thank you JNH and Ashley! You both ROCK!!
  13. Thanks:tup:
  14. Thanks for the quick answer about the dark grey Hug Me. I guess I'll hold on and see if my taste for pewter develops or for S/S 09 colors!
  15. First, JNH thank you for your time and dedication to the BE brand for getting these answers answered!

    Now, I am bummed! The MMS Midi is smaller than the Love Me Mini? Oh no!! I guess that is scratched off my list because I do not like bags that small.

    Alright, then I guess it is a HUG ME and in what color. Thinking if I may go Purpe Crash/Chocolate crash or jump on the bandwagon for a possible Dark Gray glossy.

    to much to debate!