Answer to Chanel price hikes?

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  2. These are really cute. Love the shape of them. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  3. ^ Very cute bags! JCrew has had some really nice bags recently.
  4. Cute! But I can't do it. I like luxury too much.:shame:
  5. #5 Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2010
    ^^Yes, I LOVE luxury too but I buy bags at all price points! When I see something that makes my heart flutter...I buy it. It's a gut reaction. My Chanels are the most valuable...but my bag collection has pieces from Target, BR, Tumi to Gucci, LV...though Chanel has dominated my purchases as of collection of styles and brands are quite eglectic! Handbags are truly my vice...

    I bought the grey hobo....this would be my first jcrew bag...grey seems to be the theme for me lately...
  6. Love the Moss and the Grey!