Answer from LV Paris: St. Jacques stays in collection!

  1. I just recevied the answer from LV Paris, that the St. Jacques is part of the collection in future! :smile: :smile: She will not be taked off!:smile:
  2. Thanks for the update!
  3. yeah! Thanks for sharing the good news!
  4. Good to know... thanks! :biggrin:
  5. Great!
  6. Thanks for the update do you know are they giong to release it any more colours or only the black?? White or Red would be so hot
  7. LabelAddict, i don't know if they are going to release it more colours. At the moment the St. Jacques is available in black and red! I like this bag so much!:heart:
  8. I didn't know they made red too Great, I think it's a great bag it always reminds me of walking down a beach boulvard in some chic beach resort....I know I am totally random!
  9. ..very nice reminds of you!!!!:smile:
    Next week i will get my St. Jacques in black!:smile:
  10. OOh! Good to know! Thanks for sharing!
  11. I was told by my SAs that it already was discontinued. :confused1:
  12. ^
  13. Holt Renfrew didn't have any left, and the LV boutique only had black left...was told by both that its discontinued and they wouldn't be getting any more. :confused1:
  14. Goood. I was eyeing the one in Borneo green on LT for awhile.
  15. mmm, not really fond of St Jaques, but :heart: borneo