Answer From Eluxury Bout 50%

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  1. Tristen: Hi! How can I help you today?
    mingtao: weren't you at 50% just earlier? now is back to 30% off?
    Tristen: We are currently offering and additional 30% off of sale merchandise.
    mingtao: oh ok
    Tristen: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    mingtao: so people who purchased while it was 50% addition to sales item, will their order still be honored
    Tristen: The price that was offered at the time will be the price that is honored.
    mingtao: ok thanks
  2. Nice!
  3. Thanks for letting us know! I wish I ordered more when it was 50% off! I was too busy going through all the sale items, by the time I'm ready to check out again it was back to 30% off! But at least I got something when it was 50% off :smile:
  4. so glad i woke up early today!
  5. Hi MSD31, can you pm me?
  6. You guys are so lucky. I wish I could have got up earlier.
  7. I guess things can't never be too good. I was lucky enough to catch the 50% additioal discount during's system error, but I was on some ambien at the moment and probably selected the wrong color, and the item picture didn't change color, now my account says i ordered a silver versace. Silver is actually nicer than the black one, but I just ordered a shiny silver Fendi, now i have 2 bags in the same color, oh my god.
    I contacted eluxury and asked for exchange, their answer was, I was lucky enough to get it for 815 usd and they will honor that price and ship the silver bag to me (it's my fault that i was on some ambien and got too happy totally forgot about checking color), but they will not do a siliver-black flat exchange since it was a system glitch, if i want to exchange i'd have to make up the 250 usd difference now.
    Wow, wondering if anybody bought a black versace hit bag yesterday and wanted to exchange for a silver.
    stay calm when you are getting the unbelievable discount....don't end up like me.
  8. ^aw i know how the impulse shopping while sleepy/groggy. hopefully you will love both though.

    my items shipped! wooh:huh:!
  9. It was not necessarily to be your fault, when I was ordering a dior jeanne bag, it showed they have it in "prune" in the description, but it became "black" after I added it to my cart, I was happy with the mistake though, since my mom probably likes black better. I guess the "color change" is a part of their system failure.
  10. My order was shipped too! They are fast!
  11. I am not surprised. When you order during a special promotion and need to exchange, you will not get the promotion price after the promotion period. I wanted an even exchange of a juicy jacket for a smaller size. The promotion period was over and could not get the sale price of 30% off for my exchange. I was not happy but decided to get the smaller size anyway. I doesn't seem fair but that is their policy.
  12. wow some of you really lucked out.

    ming, lay off the ambien when going online k? :amuse:
  13. [I know this is wrong but...]
    Why don't you try to exchange the bag at a Nordstrom store? for the right color?