anotheremptysky's ever-growing collection :D

Jan 9, 2006
Since the end of the year is upon us, I figured I'd take nice pics of all of my bags!


My 'more loved' Coach things ... all bought this year, except for my seafoam satchel.


What is left of last year's collection ... with a few additions! The optic tote, fur hobo, and some accessories.


The very first 'designer' piece I got was the resort pink miniskinny ... so I have always had a soft spot for the line!! NO, I don't wear them all together!! :roflmfao:

(Un)fortunately, :graucho: I was bit by the LV bug this year, and these are my lovelies ...


My 4 Epi, 1 Antigua, and 1 tiny burst of MC.


Can you tell what is my favorite? :angel: My lovely vernis babies!

I am awaiting my very last purchase of the year, the Coach Legacy Stripe Folded Framed Wristlet.

I try not to think of all the money spent this year, but at least I can say none of it's on credit! Haha!

Thanks for letting me share!
A few more ...


My Coach keyfobs. They make me :biggrin:

And my two other bags ... the designer is Kate Landry, I've never heard of her, but they were on clearance at Dillard's for $60 and I needed a black bag.



And, because I'm a dork, this is where I keep my bags!




And I thought I was bad with accessories!

btw if you hear a weird thump at night, thats just me making off with your green zebra scarf, bronze & red vernis, & the epis, thats all. :P

And glad to see your getting the fold over wristlet! I'm looking to get a mans fold wallet, that way the wristlet can be used as a wallet in one of the front flaps, and you can still store makeup, phone, ipod and such in the coin purse part, as well have space for coins, reciepts, stamps and such in the two zippered compartments.
Thats awesome, the fold over at times, and when you can't be bothered by the fabric, you'll have the leather. Thats why I didn't get rid of my embossed flap wristlet, the small one I justified for when I'm walking my dog, but the big one when I can't use the fold over. Congrats and enjoy both! I know you will!!
Splash of colors! Love all your bags! You have great taste! Your Coach collection is just simply stunning. Where did you get the pink tote with the butterfly chain and the white double front pockets? They're simply gorgeous! Want them for myself :yes: