Another Zoe question


Sep 26, 2007
Central Texas
I'm REALLY liking this bag (haven't seen her in person yet) but DH talked me out of it (said it was plain...again that wasn't in purse). I'm just curious, I know it's been said the Lg Zoe=Lg Carly give or take so does the regular Zoe=Med Carly?

I'm wondering what size I should get. I have a med carly and my stuff fits pretty well in it. Ali is perfect and gives me more than enough room for all my junk and then some. Would Lg Zoe be too big then?

I'm also considering a color. I have no black leather bags and I like it in black but I'm leaning towards chocolate. I'm just wondering how much use I will get out of each color. The only time I really wear black is when I need to dress up (which isn't often). Then again black goes with everything but chocolate is yummy too.

Thanks for helping me!!!!


chocolate bag addict
Jul 25, 2008
Yes, regular Zoe about equals medium Carly. See photos in this thread:

I ultimately ended up returning my regular Zoe and then trading my damaged Carly in for merchandise credit and paying the difference to get the large Zoe. The regular Zoe is nice, the large Zoe is just luscious in the way it slouches. If you can get to the store to try them on, that's your best bet. And be sure to take the stuffing out of them in the store so you get a truer idea of how the bag will wear.

Oh, and chocolate all the way for color! It can be casual, or a bit dressier if needed. Judging from your avatar, you'll like the deep pink lining of the Zoe in chocolate!


so CoachyCoachy
Feb 8, 2007
I have Ali which is aproximately 13 x 10 x 5 small Zoe is apx 13 x 10, volume wise they should hold the same. I have large zoe 14x13, I like it because of the slouch, not because I need the room. I would really have see and try on a small, sometimes smaller bags just feel anemic.