Another Youtube SENSATION!!! (touching story)

  1. You guys might have heard of different success stories from youtube, how people are discovered, becomes an instant hit, becomes a's one of the most touching stories I've read.

    Charice Pempengco, a 15 yr old girl from the Philippines, became an instant hit when one fan uploaded her videos on youtube singing "And Iam Telling You" by the Dreamgirls...
    soon, E! online saw it, crowned it one of the top 10 stories, then comes The Ellen Degeneres show...the rest is history.

    here are the videos how it all started (1st to last)

  2. WOW!!!! :woohoo: She's amazing.
  3. WOW! She is absolutely amazing! What a voice. It was interesting to see the progression of video clips. That's so cool we can post YouTube videos now!
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! What a little superstar,with a MASSIVE voice!!!!!!!! She is just so lovely!!!!!!! Thanks for finding that and sharing!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. WOW. thats all I can even say!! Thanks for making my day :yes:
  6. I also heard that Journey just got a new lead singer. Interestingly enough, they found him on YouTube, and he's from the Philippines as well! :tup:

    here's the news:

    I did a search for the new singer, and found a video of him doing a Journey cover:
  7. Oh My GOD ! im speechless, she is just amazing and she seems lovely, so nice
  8. oh wow, that just made my evening. she is AMAZING!
  9. WOW! Talk about a powerful voice. I didn't expect it at all. She is amazing! That is some serious talent. :jammin:
  10. Wow, what an amazing sweet girl, gigantic talent! She bought tears to my eyes...
  11. seriously thought she was lipsyncing! But she isn't... **AMAZED** it seems impossible for such a powerful voice to come from such a small girl
  12. no problem pleasure sharing it with you...
    thanks for checking out the videos! :heart:

    kudos to another youtube sensation Arnel Pineda, the new singer of Journey (they also found him in youtube) :tup:

    here's another video of Charice singing "A Whole New World" (duet with a Korean pop singer) .... one word, AMAZING!!!

    turn up those volumes! :biggrin:

  13. Wow, she's amazing, what a voice!! She's way better than more than half of the famous singers in the industry today.
  14. Wow!!! Totally amazing, love, love Arnel too, what a voice!! My sister just told me about this young girl yesterday, and found her on youtube. Another amazing singer, lots of talent in the Philippines just waiting to be discovered. I was born in the Philippines but moved here in the US in 1970. I had schoolmates that were going to talent shows and they had incredible voices, very talented. It's really great to hear stories like this.
  15. WOW!! She is stellar. To say she sings well would be the understatement of the year. She sings with feelings, passion and maturity, and her voice is perfect and so strong. I hope she makes it really big! Thanks for sharing!