another year.......another bag added!

  1. so, i turned another year older last friday. no big celebration - just dinner with family and relatives at a rowdy, crowded mexican restaurant to fulfill my beef fajita craving.


    saturday, DH whisked me off to our local H store to pick out my gift. i fell in love with this kelly 32 white clemence and toile with PH since the holidays (but never got an orange box for christmas) and found out it was still available - so, i grabbed it before the price hike (actually, i really need to accept suggestions for a perfect H diaper bag)!

    :yahoo: :nuts:


    and a pair of Lolita flat suede shoes from the sale rack ;) :


    i'll try to take more photos later!
  2. Stunning! I love these!!
  3. Just GORGEOUS!!! CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  4. happy bday PazT!!!!:yahoo:

    gorgeous presents for a gorgeous lady!:love: :yahoo:
  5. WOW! Gorgeous!! :drool: Congratulations and enjoy! Happy Birthday!
  6. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    Love your new bag and shoes... congrats!
  7. PazT: Happy Birthday and congrats!! :drinkup: :party:
  8. What an elegant bag Pazt!! Stunning - enjoy!! And the shoes are gorgeous...happy belated b-day! Nice dh btw!!
  9. thank you everyone! i can't wait to break out this bag when the weather gets warm here soon!
  10. Pazt, when is the baby due?
  11. Fabu new Kelly, PazT!! That is a spectacular b-day present. I hope you had a very happy birthday!
  12. How wonderful, what a great birthday, I bet you can't wait to wear your Kelly, roll on the warmer weather...
  13. Pazt they are really lovely! Happy Belated Birthday!
  14. rose, baby is due first week of june! i'm just taking it easy now but every night i've been dreaming (or nightmares) of baby gears, cribs, nursery themes, labor, delivery, epidural - waaaaahhhhhh! it's our first baby! don't know where to start! LOL

    baby and i are doing well though.......:smile:
  15. ninja, allaboutnice, bagloving mom - thank you! DH is such a sweetheart for letting me pick out my gift! can't complain with his taste though......