another world heard from re: appleguarde

  1. well, i sprayed my new noe last night- (i had a bag that got very spotty once and i just hated it, so i figured, why not?) it DEF. darkened the leather a bit. i don't care, but it is NOT the same shade as it was. just sharing! can't wait to use her today!
  2. hmmmm....did you spray too close, or a heavy coat? I have never had it darken for me. :shrugs:
  3. Hmmmnnn..... I used it on all of my LV bags and it didn't darken the vachetta at at all.
  4. I also use this on all my bags abd it doesnt darken the vachetta:confused1:
  5. Thats good to know -- they "say" it doesn't darken, but I guess the true test is actually doing it.
  6. i did spray close to the bag- maybe that's the difference. REALLY close. and i sprayed twice. don't get me wrong- i LOVE it- and it's still very light- but def. a shade or two 'darker' than when it was untreated.
  7. Can it be used on any leather. I am thinking of trying to get some for my bags. I read on another thread a while back that appleguarde is online. Anyone here had issues with it on very light (taupe, honey brown) bags?