Another Wonderful Hubby Story! Come See My Newest Addition!!!

  1. Today is the day I can tell you that I have THE MOST WONDERFUL HUSBAND!!!! LOLOL... Last night hubby and I had to go to open school night for our 2 children, and I had bought a really pretty black and white outfit to wear! I absolutely HATED how my new chocolate shoulder bag looked w/ this outfit and I NEVER change bags according to outfits, as I am a SAHM! But, something just didnt look right to me! So, I started to WHINE!!!! I didnt think hubby was paying too much attention or was even listening to me, but I guess he WAS!!! He has been working on an audit in NYCity the past few days, and yesterday he went into one of the Coach boutiques there!!! He REALLY wanted to SURPRISE me, so when he came home, he actually left the bag in the living room, came in as usual to talk to me, and then told me that the contractor needed me to see something, and to go look out the living room window (we are having work done on the outside of our house) I walked into the livingroom and THERE SHE WAS!!! All wrapped up in a box inside the Coach bag!!!! I screamed sooooooo loud that the contractor yelled "is everything OK???" LOL What a HUGE surprise!!!! And I MUST say.... Chelsea looked HOT on my shoulder last night w/ my new black and white outfit!!!!!! This has to be THEEEEE lightest bag I have EVER carried b/c she sat ON my shoulder for THREE full hours while I stood listening to teachers, the principals, guest speakers, etc, and I FORGOT I even had a bag on me!!!!!!! I AM IN TOTAL LOVE!!!! And the black/white combo is TDF!!!!!! DRUMROLL PLEASE... INTRODUCING MY MEDIUM CHELSEA HOBO IN BLACK/WHITE SIGNATURE!!!! Just wanted to share!!!​

    Since Chelsea has my FAVORITE NICKEL HARDWARE, I immediately attached my J and M key charms which stand for my children's first names, AND are also MY INITIALS!!! ​
  2. :nuts: That is FANTABULOUS!! What a wonderful hubby and beautiful bag!! :tup:

    Enjoy them both!
  3. Can he be any sweeter?!?!? Congrats on a beautiful bag and an adoring hubby!!! :tup:
  4. Wow!!! What a sweet DH! The bag matches your accessories so well- congrats!
  5. Thanks sooooooooo much, girls!!! It was funny last night b/c I kept getting TONS and TONS of compliments on my bag, and EVERY SINGLE time someone complimented me, hubby was right there saying, "OHHHH....YOU LIKE HER BAG??? I PICKED IT OUT!!!!" LOLOLOLOL
  6. what a sweet dh! wow!
  7. Cute story!
  8. Nice nice nice! What a wonderful DH! :yes:
  9. aww that is adorable! Congrats to him, and on having such a sweet thoughtful hubby!
  10. WOW!!!! Lucky you!!!! You ladies have some seriously stylish hubbies!!!! What a sweetie!:p
  11. OOOH you are one lucky woman!:yes: You have such a SWEET DH !!! I think I would die from Shock if my hubby ever got me anything without me specifically asking for it!
  12. and that's the FUNNY part!!! I NEVER even LOOKED at this bag!!! Let alone the black/white combo!!! The khaki/tobacco caught my eye about a month ago, but I never looked to PURCHASE it!!!
  13. WOW!!! Enjoy... and great story!
  14. That is a beautiful bag, and your husband is wonderful
    as well!:tup: I have that black/white combo in the signature stripe tote and I love it-although I think would call it black/gray, but I digress! Congrats and wear her in good health.
  15. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Honestly....I would call it black/gray as well!!!!! I have seen this combo in the sig stripe tote and LOVE it!!! I never realized how CLASSY the black/white combo was b/c I was sooooooo dang hooked on the khaki combos and the chocolate combos, that I never really LOOKED at anything else!!!!! LOL