Another WOC question, patent or caviar?

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  1. Hello all!
    I took a look at the blue SS09 color, in non-patent, in person. Which wahoffa has in the color library, here

    I haven't seen the same color in the patent blue reissue WOC version in person, but jperchen has one in the reference thread, here

    I'm feeling on the fence, since in daylight it looks like cobalt/royal blue, but indoors, it looks a little darker. My wallet was lost, and it was cobalt blue, so I'm looking for a durable replacement in my favorite color.

    Would you go with the patent or the caviar WOC in this blue? Personally, I don't care about fingerprints and nonsense, so that's not really a concern for me.

    It looks like a richer blue in patent which is what I like, color-wise, but with natural wear and tear from daily use, I could see the patent starting to wrinkle (only noticed it in someone's ebay auction).
    But I like the feel of leathers, so patent kinda takes away from that. And with the lambskin, I'm not sure what to expect as it starts to wear.

    I know I'll enjoy the WOC if I decide to get it, I just like to know what I'm getting into, between the two options.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. That was probably my eBay auction as I have a patent WOC up. The patent is very, very durable, IMHO, and the wrinkling doesn't take away from the leather at all. Having said that, it did wrinkle when I first opened it and is just the nature of patent. I think the color is deeper and richer in patent (I also have a patent GST) and think it would wear well. The only real concern with patent is if it cracks. My GST had cracks on the patent in the chain within a couple of days and I shipped it back and got a replacement that was perfect. The WOC did not have cracks. If you decide on patent just check it carefully for cracks after a couple of uses.
  3. I would go with caviar as the leather you'd have to worry about the least. It's very, very durable. It won't scratch or wrinkle or tear (unless you're REALLY rough). I would also go with the caviar blue because I think the interlocking C's look really nice with that color, lol.
  4. I would go for the caviar, its more of a classic look.
  5. thanks everyone, that really helps
    I kinda wish there was gold hardware to go with the caviar blue, but it's still goregous with silver :}
  6. I think for a caviar woc would be more versatile. Good luck! :smile: