~*Another Wisteria Spy Owner*~

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  1. Went to Neiman's for a gift and came home with this :yahoo: I DID NOT need another spy bag, but this one is gorgeous!!! I now know what you mean about the leather on this bag LV_addict :smile: :heart:
    wisteria.jpg wisteria.2.jpg wisteria.3.jpg
  2. OMG:nuts: OMG:nuts: OMG:nuts: OMG:nuts: OMG:nuts:!!! Don't you just LOVE the softness?! I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I am literally doing this right now :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:!!! YOU HAVE TO WEAR IT OUT TOMORROW!!! It's TOO beautiful to sit in the closet!!!
  3. I KNOW Irene! I felt like doing this in the store this afternoon :wlae: - LMBO!
    I'm already thinking of what to wear with it :shame:
  4. It goes with pretty much EVERYTHING!!!:graucho: That's another reason I LOVE it!!!:wlae:
  5. a HA!! buy more spy....:shocked::drool:buy more spy :drool::shocked:, buy more spy :shocked::drool: buy more spy......

    Congratulations! that is just gorgeous. This color is so yummy, and the flowers looks soooooooooo soft, like fur or feathers.

    Enjoy your new purchase. I'll feel a tad less guilty now if I trip up and ... buy more spy....:shocked::drool:
  6. That is so true! The color is so versatile. I don't know why I waited so long to get it :upsidedown:
  7. Oh Deco, I was just admiring your new Maroon B.Fendi bag :nuts: Aren't you still waiting on a Petrol Spy? :upsidedown: We are all doomed!!! :lol:
  8. It's gorgeous! Congrats!!
  9. Congratulations!!!! Beautiful bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I love your Spy!!!! Ok seriously when I get money the first thing I'll do is to buy a Fendi Spy!!!!! The spy looks dreamy, and it looks sooo soft! I love that color! Congrats!
  11. Yes, Petrol will be delivered to my hot little hand on the 12th. I've been on a Bag Buying Binge (we should start the BBB club). I never buy this many all at once, but there have been some insane deals I couldn't pass up, and knew wouldn't be coming around again. Like the half off metallic spy. When does that ever happend? NEVER!!!

    For now I will drool over your wisteria. It looks sooooooo soft and mushy. MMMmmmmmmmm.
  12. THANK YOU whatzerface, kristal & Impsola!!!

    Impsola & Deco - It really is as soft as it looks! I have my other spy bags, but this one is much softer
  13. I've groped this one in store as well, and you are right, much softer...
    I LOVE IT!!!
  14. congrats! It looks sensational!
  15. Congrats, it's absolutely gorgeous ! :yes:
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