Another "whoops" for Britney

  1. Not only is the poor baby strapped in incorrectly (and looking fairly uncomfortable), but it's roasting in the sun!! Is she really this daft??
  2. Oh dear !!
  3. Britney has spent her entire life, literally, working in entertainment. She has no idea how to live a real life, and obviously no idea how to properly care for her child. She needs someone with her 24/7 to help her. That photo makes me sick. That poor baby is too small to be riding in a forward facing seat, his head and neck are not supported as he sleeps and he has no sun protection. If she were involved in a crash, his life would be in danger.

    And she has another one on the way. Damn. Seriously, Brit....hire someone to help you with this stuff. Hire someone to protect your children from your ignorance!
  4. In a convertible no less - hell Brit, why not just strap the poor kid on the back of a motorcycle and take him careening down the freeway - what a dope!:mad:
  5. Does anyone else think there is a possibility that Britney is on some kind of drugs or something? If not, then she really is terribly stupid and careless. So many times I've seen photos of her looking like a nasty slob, she looked like an alcoholic or druggie because she seemed out of it.
  6. ^^ I'm off topic, but...Adriane your hammie singing avatar is melting my heart!!
  7. is that the baby's head on his own knee? That can't be comfy or good for him? Isn't there like a support pillow thingy (I don't have a baby but I have seen them) around the head part so this doesn't happen?

    Oh, Poor Sean Preston! He is going to get cooked in that sun, his skin is so fair!

    What a nightmare! And she's getting another? Great!
  8. Why is it that the stupidest people are always so fertile?
  9. I can't tell you how upsetting it is to see that!! That poor baby will be fried out in that hot sun for 10 minutes!! NO hat, no nothing??!!! I don't even have children and I know that!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER????
  10. I think you may be spot on with the "drug and/or alcohol theory. I do not think that anyone in their "right mind" would provide such IRRESPONSIBLE transportation for their child.

    Off topic below - shame on me...

    ... that's why I picked my avatar - the lil' feller still makes me crack a smile and on some days, that's no easy task :shame:
  11. wow, Im speechless. why dosent her mom help her? loll.....I cannot believe shes knocked up again. crazy. I thought she was on the track to getting back to her lean bod, i guess not.
  12. She is too dumb to have kids! I swear! I sincerely hope her mother or someone close to her sets her straight, and teaches her how to at least put in a child safety seat correctly~ I mean, it doesn't take a genius!
  13. I think her mom was helping her or maybe when her mom was there she was the one doing all the work and Britney didn't pay any attention. Either way, isn't it commnon sense to put a hat on the baby and have him secured in the car the proper way? :hrmm:
  14. Somebody said this about her before and I'd like to quote them "SHE SUCKS AT LIFE"! PERIOD!!!:mad:
  15. I'm very ignorant here because I know nothing about baby seats and don't have kids. But how is one supposed to strap a baby in backwards? Do you just secure the straps around the back of a seat?