another whoop for TJMaxx (fendi DG Gucci n more)

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  1. so i bought a pair of Fendi Sunnies and some more Marc Jacobs perfume @ TJs today! (i loooove the perfume it's my backup bottle!!!) the fendi sunnies aren't something i would have normally picked out for myself and they look phenomenal! they had DG and Gucci sunnies as well! always check out the jewelery case!! they had DG and coach watches as well that were REALLY CUTE! check it ouuut! when i get batteries for my digi i will share pix of the fendi sunnies! they rock!
  2. I am undeniably a TJMAXX cheerleader so I will say with a little corniness "Lean to the left, lean to the right TJMAXX is out of sight!" Congrats on a great buy. I love that store.
  3. ^haahaha! yeah- tjmaxx rules! congrats on ur finds! i got the cutest betsey johnson watch their not too long ago!
  4. woohoo! i got ONE good pic of the glasses uploading now!

    thats what they look like and i squoze one pic of myself out of the digi with no batteries haha
  5. haha you can tell i'm muttering "work you son of a..."


    i got the picture tho haha

    I LOVE THEM!!!
    Fendi sunnies on the face.JPG
  6. Those are really fab! Great find!
  7. ty!
  8. I went again to TJ MAXX (I go every week). I found a fabulous straw Michael Kors bag -- $100 off the retail price. Of course, I bought it.
  9. VB those look awesome on you! Great score.
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. Looks like you are totally prepared to handle that vicious Maine sun now!! I really love them!!
  12. I guess TJM is a place you have to visit constantly to catch the deals. Last time we went there were a few handbags but nothing decent at all in the way of sunglasses or jewelry
  13. Very stylish sunnies! I like!!!
  14. *ehem*

    i must say now i must.... THOSE SUNNIES WERE A fiND!
  15. I just got back from the local TJM, they have 1 pair of Fendis on the rack for $60 I don't think they were the same ones you found.