Another white bag dilemma

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  1. ok, here are 2 white bags (off-white paddy and ferragamo) that I am considering. Please let me know which you prefer. I love both just as much but can only buy one. I know that there are lots of paddy lovers on this forum, but assuming that I carry the paddy without the lock, would you still vote for it? If you have any suggestions for white bags, bring it on! Thanks
    SFV6252_mp.jpg 0179.jpg
  2. They are very similiar styles (which means you clearly have a certain bag in mind) so it is going to be difficult to decide. I tihnk you have to go in person and check out the bags and compare the quality, weight, and comfort.
  3. just my opinion...but i like the ferragamo
  4. The paddy without the lock just isn't the paddy .. I would say that you should go for the ferragamo then.
  5. I like that Ferragamo too.
  6. I'd have to agree! Go with the Ferragamo :nuts:
  7. Another pict of the paddy, I reckon the first pict was not very flattering. This is the pict that made me consider the paddy. Not trying to sway opinions here, just wanna be objective!
  8. I really like the white paddy and don't think that taking off the lock would ruin the look of the bag. The Ferragamo is not my style - it appears stuffy; if that makes sense. I think you can have a classy and fun look all at once - the paddy does that. Of course, if you want a more straight laced, collar up look, then the Ferragamo is a good choice. Of course, this is just my humble opinion.
  9. Don't be shocked, but I am carrying my paddy without the lock on it and I like it just as much.
  10. I like the Ferragamo because its a little less "trendy" meaning you won't see as many people carrying it and there aren't as many knockoffs.
  11. I think you should make your choice based upon the frequency in which you'll use the bag, and for what purpose. If you plan on carrying a lot, I would choose the Ferragamo versus the Paddy. Both would work fabulously as casual and dressy bags. I also think that edsbgrl has a point in that the Ferragamo isn't as trendy (not that the Paddy isn't well on it's way to being a "classic" bag) and it might be nice not too see so many people with it (again, not that the Paddy isn't somewhat exclusive - man, do I feel paranoid about offending people because of the "real name" thread).
  12. I would buy the less expensive bag since it is white. It is bound to get dirty and the more it costs, the more heartbroken you will be when it no longer looks pristine. I splurged last spring on a beautiful white woven bottega and every time I carried it, I was stressed about getting it dirty. One day I made the mistake of wearing it with a new black tee. Some of the black rubbed off onto the bag and there's nothing that can be done to fix it. Still makes me mad to think about it!
  13. I like the Ferragamo.
  14. Paddy, but you have to carry the lock! IMO the paddy is more casual. It depends on how your going to carry it. Everyday? I would say paddy. The Ferragamo, to me, looks more dressy.
  15. I like the Ferragamo.. :smile: