Another 'which speedy should i get?' question...

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  1. How about a Mono Speedy 30 and a matching vachetta luggage tag with your initials heatstamped in gold? In that way, you get two different looks and you can use the luggage tag on other Mono bags you have. :yes:

    It may seem like a duplicate to your Mon Monogram Speedy 30, but you get a classic Mono Speedy much like what Audrey Hepburn carried in the 1960s.
  2. Hey T-Girl, I really like that vachetta luggage tag idea!!! Where can i order that? Thanks!!
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    ^ you live near a boutique?^ :thinking:

    I called my nearest three LV boutiques and one of them had the small luggage tag and went there. The large luggage tag is about $47 USD and the small luggage tag is about $45 USD. I bought the small vachetta luggage tag for my Speedy 30 and they said I would not get it heatstamped for two weeks! :faint: That's because they are so busy with Christmas personalization orders.

    So, I took the unstamped tag and then the next day went to another boutique that had it stamped within 10 minutes.

    I can suggest that you call Louis Vuitton and ask if you can order it online and have it personalized and shipped to you. I recommend the Shiny Gold heatstamp because it matches the gold hardware and it is the prettiest.

    In this way, you can consider the Azur Speedy 30 and still get the luggage tag to personalize your Speedy. It doesn't have to be a Mono Speedy as I suggested.

    The great thing about the luggage tag idea is that it is so much cheaper than a purse charm, it's personalized with your initials, it's LV leather, and it will patina along with your Speedy vachetta. Also, it looks so cute with the luggage tag because it makes the Speedy look a tiny piece of luggage you're lugging around the city. :biggrin:

    If you're planning to go visit Hawaii, get as many luggage tags as you can because they have the word, "Hawaii" and a Lei stamped on the tag. It's the prettiest LV luggage tag and costs the same.

    BTW, if you're inspired to go the luggage tag route, you can check out some heatstamped luggage tags from this thread:

    Good luck! :tup:
  4. azur
  5. they're both great...however size wise i would DEFINITELY say 30!
  6. Azur 30 gets my vote
  7. Azur 30
  8. Wow thanks so much for all of your vote! You guys are the best! Sometimes it's hard for me to decide what to get since majority of my friends are not into LV & my DH came from a frugal family so really no help from him!
    Azur is my choice this time since I don't have one in this pattern & would be my only excuse to get it speedy! :graucho:
  9. Azur + summer is coming (I find Azur to be more of a summer bag...)
  10. I agree with Azur, I think it's a great choice! I would go for the Azur speedy 30. Hopefully you'll be able to find it soon! And no, it's not weird to dream about your bags I don't think, occasionally before I'm getting ready to make a purchase I'll have some sort of LV dream! Be sure to do a reveal when you get her!
  11. I think you should try them on before you decide. I'm petite as well and actually prefer the 35 if it's available. But you should get the Azur pattern as you already have a Mon mono. Good luck deciding!
  12. Thanks Miss Luana & Nordy's girl!

    It sure is a summer bag & that's why they're sold out online! Thank God i'm not the only one dreaming of LV before making a purchase...hehehee...

  13. Azur 30 since you have the Mon Monogram!
  14. Thanks sugarcookie72 - Yes I'll definitely trying both out in the store

    Thanks ETenbris!
  15. Azur 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!