Another 'which speedy should i get?' question...

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  1. Hello!
    Currently I already own a Damier Ebene speedy 25 & Mon Monogram 30. I just really love this classic style so am planning to get another one. BTW I'm 5'2 in the slim side so i'm not sure if 35 would look too big on me...

    So if you're me, would you get an AZUR 30 or 35, or MONO 30 or 35?

    Thanks for all your input! ;)
  2. Azur or Mono 30
  3. Mono 35!
  4. Mono 30
  5. Since you already have a mon mongrom, I would get an azur 30. I personally like the 35 in the damier or mono, but I think it looks to big in azur. I think an size can carry a 35 - in the celeb section they have lots of celebs (like Jessica Simpson) with a 35 or 40.
  6. azur 30
  7. Mono 35 or azur 30....

    Last time I had a speedy I had a 30 and think that was big, today I ordered a 35...
  8. Awhitney, CGS, charleston-mom, princesskara, & basicandorganic - thank you for your inputs!
    I orig the damier ebene 30 but exchanged it for the 25. After that i got the mon monogram 30. I used to never liked the AZUR & didn't care for white checkers; but then saw so many of you rocking it so beautifully and now started liking it!
    So now getting the AZUR is my only excuse (for my DH) to get another speedy! :P
  9. azur 30 for sure!!
    this my fav. of the three anyway, but especially for you..since you already have the other two..AZUR!
  10. Hi Dixie79 - Did you order a mono? I definitely want to get a mono in the bigger in the future! Congrats!

  11. Speedy 35 in Damier Ebene or Mono get my vote!
  12. I would get the Azur 30, nice colour for the summer and I love the size... Good luck deciding!!
  13. Azur 30 would be a nice addition to your Speedy collection!
  14. Hi lovebeibei - Thanks! I just saw your AZUR reveal & it's beautiful! How do you like it so far comparing to the ebene?

  15. Get the Azur 25 or 30!