Another Which City should I get???


Which City to get?

  1. Anthracite

  2. Plomb

  3. Tomato

  4. Violet

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  1. Assuming (just pretend) that these are all equally available and always will be, which City do I want most? I feel very torn between Anthracite, Plomb, Tomato, and Violet. Help?
  2. LOL, I'll tell you what I want most! I don't know what you've got going on in your wardrobe and what kind of colors you like...maybe if you elaborate?

    Since I've already got a plomb city, I'm definitely fiending for a violet city in RH or silver GH! I want one sooo bad!
  3. my 1st choice is violet city because i think its such gorgeous color!! however dependent upon your wardrobe, you might want to go with anthracite or plomb which would be versatile with any color clothing you wear. i wear lots of black during the fall/winter, so i would go for the violet!!
  4. go for the GUSTO and get the Violine!!

  5. I voted Violet... they don't make purple too often :graucho:
  6. well, for me, of everything on your list.... I love and want everyone of them but if I had to choose one to start off with, I'd choose anthracite first, then tomato then violet... as for plomb I'd rather get the PT with SGH... personally if I had to get plomb city RH, I'd rather get black... HTH... keep us posted!
  7. I like anthracite!
  8. Totally agree!! :tup:
  9. I will go for anthracite for sure as i've been pinning on it too which i jus missed out one lately.....very regret!

    Lastly will be the violet!
  10. hmmm...plomb or anthra...then violet.