Another "which black flap" question:caviar, distressed, crackled patent?

  1. I think I have decided on a flap, on black and to get before the price goes up--but which of these three--regular caviar, Courtney Cox caviar, or crackled patent??
  2. I'm not a fan of the crackled patent, so I would go for either 1 or 2.
  3. I vote for regular caviar!
  4. same here, regular caviar:tup:
  5. Regular caviar!
  6. regular OLD caviar!
  7. Maybe because I already have one myself I am bias- but I vote for caviar. I LOVE mine!!!!
  8. Crackled patent :yes:you can always get a caviar bag later!Also patent is more modern and a stunner!:smile:
  9. regular caviar flap
  10. Caviar for enduring and classic appeal!
  11. ^^ Sorry, meant to say the 'ordinary' version.
  12. I think the crackled patent is absolutely stunning, but for me, I prefer it in the medium size (which is what I have). :smile: I have the black caviar Jumbo, and for an everyday, go to kind of bag, I think caviar is the way to go! :tup:
  13. I prefer crackled patent too among the three.
    I have similar issue, but I am debating between patent classic and metallic black reissue.
  14. I like either the regular caviar or the distressed. I think the regular can be dressy or casual, while i feel the distressed is more casual, JMO, and it depends how you plan to wear the bag.

    I like crackled patent, but just prefer the other 2.
  15. I agree. You can always get the caviar, the crackled patent is harder to come by. I just got it, and I love it!