Another 'which bag shall I get' from me..


Which bag is best?

  1. R12k 'sliver lock'

  2. Tula 'buckles'

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok, so I recently posted about similar looking bags from RM and Kors, but I have decided to get a brand from here in the UK, as Im getting wiped out from shipping and customs fees.

    So I have found two small black bags from English brands Ri2k and Tula.
    Which is nicer please?

  2. I love that Ri2K bag!
  3. I prefer the Tula bag
  4. I vote Ri2k b/c I'm not a big fan of black/white contrast stitching.
  5. I prefer the tula
  6. I have found a 'real life' pic of the Ri2k, so it can be easily compared to the Tula..
  7. i like the R12k more
  8. The Ri2k for sure - I love the outside pockets! :yes:
  9. The Ri2K has more appeal for me. Good luck choosing.
  10. This one!:tup:
  11. Ditto, Halzer! RI2K looks me!
  12. I definitely love the Ri2K much better! It looks adorable! Love the leather and the little lock!

    (...sorry, but I am just tired of the contrast white topstitching on dark bags..)
  13. I like the looks and the functinality of the outside pockets as well. For me I like bags that fit on shoulder and this one looks like it may not. But that may not matter to you.
  14. I like the Ri2k, not only is it more functional (with more pockets) but somehow it looks more "substantial".
  15. I think the Tula is really cute! :tup: