Another weird buyer. Can you help?

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  1. Well Ladies I really need your help and advice on this one.

    I sold an item few weeks ago. The buyer never paid so after the 4 days period I opened an unpaid item case. 3 more days passed and suddenly the buyer appears with the usual excuses. She didn't bid on the item but apparently someone from her family did so they didn't want to pay for it and if I could cancel the transaction. I'm sure you are all familiar with this...

    Of course I wasn't willing to do such thing. I didn't reply and waited for one more day to pass so I could close the case with a strike for her. But...The next day she paid for the item, because as she wrote me she got an email from ebay that if she didn't pay she could have problems with her account. She still asked me though if I could cancel the transaction.
    I was lucky enough and my paypal account didn't automaticaly accepted her payment. I was supposed to accept it manualy, which of course I didn't do. Instead I emailed her and asked her once again what I was supposed to do. She told me that she wanted to cancel the transaction. I was really pissed and confused and didn't reply anything nor I accepted the payment.

    A week went by. I was too busy and didn't check my ebay account. Yesterday when I logged in my account I realised that she left me positive feedback. I mean can she do that? I haven't close the unpaid item case. And furthermore what is her deal? She doesn't realise that since she left me positive feedback I could just take her money and send her the item?

    I have to say that I'm not willing to cancel the transaction. I'm sick and tired of those people who just bid for the fun. I had 3 unpaid cases in the last 3 months. It's insane. If she had contacted me right after the end of the auction I would have canceled it but she left me waiting for almost a week and then decided to tell me that she wouldn't pay.

    So my question is what should I do? Should I deny her payment and close the case so that she gets the strike? But can I even do that since she initiated payment and I denied it? Or should I just accept her money and send her the item? I realise this is risky but I don't want people to get away with such reckless behaviour so easily. If that makes me a bad person, so be it.

    Sorry for the long post but I am really frustrated. Thank you for any suggestion...
  2. i think i'd move on. i hate that too but what can you do? i'd rather this than some crazy scammers.
  3. She paid you within the time frame on ebay. You let her payment sit a week unclaimed? As well as not shipping her what she PAID for??
    I think you are in the wrong here and need to get the item mailed off to her ASAP with a note apologizing for the delay. As a seller, you have to follow time frames for shipping as well, which you did not.
  4. She paid (like you wanted, right?) so I'm not understanding why you didn't accept the payment and ship her item. Plus she gave you positive feedback? Wow, I think you're lucky there.
  5. because she paid but doesnt want the item sent to her and transaction cancelled instead? I can see how OP is having trouble with deciding what to do.
  6. Deny + Strike + Block her.

    She pays for something she doesnt want, so she will probably ask to return it or start a snad.
  7. I don't think you read OP's whole post. The buyer only paid because she thought by paying and getting a refund she could avoid an unpaid items strike. She didn't pay for the item and actually want it shipped to her. She specifically told the seller that she wanted the payment refunded and transaction canceled. The OP did nothing wrong here.

    OP- I see where the temptation is here just to accept the payment and ship the item. Buyers like this waste everyone's time and get away with it without any repercussions. However, I think you would go through even more headaches if you did accept the payment and send the item. She would probably file a paypal claim and could win by simply sending the bag back to you with tracking. I think ultimately you would just wind up with a long drawn out headache. I would cut my losses at this point and re-list...after sending the buyer an email explaining how they wasted your time and maybe reporting them to Ebay-not sure if they could get in more trouble for trying to circumvent the system by sending payment when they want the transaction canceled. Sorry you had to deal with this buyer!
  8. no i get what the OP is saying.
    she wanted to cancel and only paid to satify ebay.
    however, since she did pay, i'd say ship the item within the time frame, otherwise couldn't she report for non-performing seller?
    and i don't see how you can refund the payment, then give a NPB, because she did pay.
    by leaving the positive feedback, my impression is the buyer accepted the fact that they had to follow through on the transaction.

  9. Ah, yea I get it now.:P Then I would give the buyer the refund and cancel the transaction to be done with it. Good luck OP!
  10. I'm not sure I followed the correct sequence of events here, but my rules is that if you have the opportunity to get out of a potential disaster of a sale, get out.
  11. I totally agree!
  12. 3 unpaid cases is nothing
    i've had 13 unpaid cases in the last 3 months
    i would just cancel and move on
    its not worth dwelling over since you know she isn't going to pay
  13. omg...I would much rather deal with a dozen unpaid items or cancelled transactions than the potential hassle of sending the item, her filing a paypal dispute etc etc...

    I don't know what you should do now, but I would have canceled the transaction to begin with and then blocked her.

    People bid stupidly, and it's very annoying...but that would definitely be less stressful than dealing with all of the crap you're dealing with, now.
  14. ita!
    just cancel it and forgot about it.
    the sooner you deal with it, the sooner you can clear it out of your head