ANOTHER week until my Aqua Work...

  1. Okay...just a little vent, but does it really take Fedex TWO WEEKS to ship something from New York City to Toronto? Do they have to put it in a little wagon and walk it here? For crying out loud...I figure I pay that much for a bag, it shouldn't take two weeks to get here.:censor:
    (thank you for letting me rant)
  2. That is really obnoxious! You're right, you should get free overnight delivery for the amount of money you pay for a bag! I can get something from the otherside of the world in a week from the u.s.p.s. That seems wrong.
  3. That's an agonizing wait for a Bbag. I agree that when you spend that much for a bag, the shipping should be quicker. I think there are reasonable options to ship to Canada within a week at the most.
  4. that's just plain ridiculous! aloha rag sends their bags out free fed ex shipping based on the prices we pay for bbags - honalulu to pittsburgh in two days. a truck should be able to drive your bag from nyc to toronto in less than 12 hours! i'm so sorry your bag will take so long...but i'm sure it'll be worth the wait :smile:
  5. Sorry for your trouble, but I think the wagon thing is so funny! Hope you get it soon!
  6. Good grief....I could drive up to NYC from Georgia, pick it up and deliver it to you myself in less time than that. Was that the fasting shipping option? :weird:
  7. EESH! It's bad enough waiting 1 week for a bbag to arrive, let alone 2! It will be a week tomorrow since I ordered mine and it's driving me crazy! At least it's supposed to arrive tomorrow. I feel for you!
  8. Sounds weird u have a trackin # to trace the package fact, if i rec'd an item from US to singapore, the most it takes ard 10-14 workin days (depends which delivery i choose, whether is international or express).....for u, it shldn't take that long to reach u....:?: :?:
  9. Two weeks? Did you order from BalNY? I am so bad when it comes to waiting for bags to ship. I usually always have it shipped overnight even though it sometimes can be a lot of $$$, but I get too anxious awaiting the arrival. I hope the next week goes by quick for your. Can't wait to see pics!
  10. Yes, I ordered it from BalNY. I usually order from Aloha Rag since it comes in two days so this is a real shock to the system, I run a business with lots of stuff being shipped to and fro from the US and international and I KNOW how long shipping takes. BalNY usually ships UPS but I refuse to deal with them after numerous experiences so I requested USPS, they said no (which sucks, I think USPS will even pick up express parcels, no?) and we compromised on Fedex. I just called yesterday because I was expecting to have received it already, it's been a week, and Daphne tracked it for me. They won't give out tracking numbers at BalNY. She said that she called them and they confirmed that the delivery date was April 12:cursing: .
    I also suspect that perhaps the bag wasn't sent out when she said it was and that's where the actual delay happened. Still, when after the duty and brokerage I'm paying close to $1600 for a bag, it just should not take two weeks to arrive, I think. Grrr.
  11. stylefly : after hearing ur sorrows abt ur experience for ur wait for ur new bag, i'm not sure if i want to order item thru BalNY.....sounds scary....i think i better think abt it before ordering from them....sigh
  12. My bags from BalNy sent by UPS usually arrive within 2-3 days and I live in the UK!!!!
  13. That really stinks............but when the bag finally gets there, it'll be worth the wait. The aqua is beautiful and you said that Daphne had picked out a good one for you. I can't wait to see your photos.
  14. That completely sucks Stylefly. I totally empathize with you as it once took UPS 2 weeks and like 10 attmepts before I finally got my bag! And an Aqua work too! At least you know it will be worth the wait.

    When I got my white twiggy from Bal NY Daphne said it would be free shipping with UPS ground so I agreed knowing I would pay huge customs fees. It came in 3 business days and I just happened to still be home when UPS arrived

    So they seem to be hit and miss. The wait sucks but it will feel ohhhhhh sooooo goooood when you get that scruptious aqua work in your hands!

  15. I certainly know how you feel. Last Sunday I ordered a Chanel bag from NM Troy (which is a 4hr drive to my home) to ship to Toronto through FedEx which costs $50 USD. The SA said it would be shipped on Monday, and that I can get the tracking # from her on Wednesday.

    So I called on Wednesday but she said the order status was "in progress" and that there was no tracking number available. I was so upset because I had ordered the bag to use for a wedding the following week. I was so afraid it wasn't going to be here on time and that I would have to do some last minute shopping instead. But on Thursday morning, I got a call from FedEx telling me I owed them $270 for duties, taxes, and the brokerage fee. FedEx also gave me the tracking number at that time.

    If you really want to track it yourself, maybe you can try to call FedEx and ask them to give you the tracking # "again" since you lost it. You can give them BalNY and your home address and they should be able to "find" the tracking # for you.