Another week, another reveal...

Jan 14, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
I have drenched her with Collonil last night and everything went really well and she is having her first outing today (she coming to work and then Friday night drinks with me!

As everyone has mentioned her leather is just beautiful... I was dreading that she was going to be the papery leather as another girl mentioned in another thread!

elvisfan4life Yes, I managed to find the "Made in England" tag... it was hiding deep on the side, so i had to pull the lining out to find it!

LittleMissPinky She'll easily fit a 13" laptop, but it's probably not a good idea as it will really sag her!

Oh Terri, that is a stunning bag! I'm so glad you have her at least.
I saw your thread about Collonil at have you managed to get one?
Thanks so much! So glad to be finally sharing the pics! Yes I managed to find the spray last night at a blacksmith on Collins St (Spencer St end)
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Jan 30, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
Oh that's good to hear. I was about to recommend my favourite cobbler, he sells Collonil products, in case you hadn't managed to get one.
Enjoy your new Alexa :yahoo:
If I ever saw a girl around Melbourne carrying an OS Oak Alexa, I'd probably stop her & compliment her on her handbag, maybe it would be you, since Mulberry is not too common here. :biggrin: