Another Wedding Attire Question

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    My first post here! I have a mid November wedding to attend. My husband is best man, and the wedding colors are burnt orange and brown. It is an evening wedding in an elegant location. My build is athletic and fit, no real curves anywhere, not much waistline or hip. (or boobs :P) I'm 37.

    I'm not into HL dresses but would love some other suggestions! I look good in rich colors, magenta, teal, dark greens.... I'd like to avoid defaulting to black. I like pattern too Thanks!!!

    Is this one anywhere near the mark? Underwhelming?
  2. Underwhelming to me and maybe a tad too short depending on how it fits on you. Just my opinion. I think you can do better.
  3. ITA :yes:
  4. I agree with the others.

    Perhaps you should try on a few dresses in the store, take some pics and share with us. It's a lot easier to give opinions that way.
  5. Yep - agreed - too underwhelming.
  6. It's funny you mention that you aren't into HL - I think that even most of us HL fans would not recommend the dresses for a wedding because in many cases, they are simply not appropriate.
    Anyways, I'm not a fan of the dress you posted and I agree that it seems a bit short (and lacks style).
    How about something like this with nude heels and gold jewelry (maybe even a chunky gold statement necklace). I know that by iteslef, it seems rather plain, but the style would highlight a narrow waistline and the structured shoulders might add some bulk up top (therefore creating more of an hourglass shape on your athletic frame):

    This is pretty in indigo (although, depending on your height, it could be too short):
  7. Are you into chiffon? I think they're always so elegant. If not, definitely try the dress on in stores instead of shopping online.
  8. ^I love lace - that DVF Zarita is pretty:smile:
  9. Thank you everyone for your input! My gut feeling was the dress I posted just wasn't special enough so I'm glad others concur. I really like the dresses that all of you have suggested! This will really help me know what to look for when I go to shop, I get overwhelmed in the stores easily, and end up frustrated. I do like chiffon too. Love the DVF lace. Once I have a clearer idea of what would work, I'll have to venture to the fitting room. And leave time for alterations! And accessories.....
  10. I have to agree with the others; it's just not very wow. I'm sure many of the options above would be more appropriate and much more lovely on you than the you originally posted.
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    Eva, those dresses are all lovely! Ok, after looking through the pictures of suggested dresses, the idea of chiffon, and different neckings, and wanting to define a waist, and color, what do you think of this one:

    My opinion is it doesn't fit the model at all, thus not showing how pretty it could be.
    And of course I would need to see it in person since sometimes I think Antro's quality can be sketchy. It seems like it would look so pretty when we dance.......thank you all for your tips, I really don't always know how to shop for myself and I've learned a lot here.
  12. I think you'd have to try it on, of course, but it is pretty. I get the sense that you're on the younger side and in that case I think it would be very nice, I don't know that I would like it on an older woman. I also think the shoes they show with it are totally wrong for a wedding, and the dress, don't like them at all. I would also do something with the belt. Maybe put a pretty pin on it or change it out totally. I think you're heading in the right direction.