another web site is reporting good auctions as fakes

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  1. Another web site is reporting GOOD auctions as fakes to eBay. I had never heard of your forum until I was looking at my name being trashed on their forum. They all get together and are reporting valid auctions to eBay. Then they are emailing winners of the good auctions and telling them that they have bid on fake items! This is awful for us that are legitimate sellers. If you disagree with them at all they just keep trashing. Now I have been banned from eBay and I have never sold a fake in my life. I have contacted Ebay and they just give me the run around. At the 'live chat' they give me other links so I email the other 'links' and they refer me to someone else. This has been going on for about 2 weeeks now. I am running out of options. I would like to post this other web site but I am not sure if I can without getting into trouble on your web site. Just had to RANT!!!
  2. What site?
  3. if true, that is completely nuts.

    had to think that at some point ebay's user-policing would be abused.
  4. what is the site?
  5. An organized group targeting legitimate dealers? You shouldn't be concerned about divulging the name of their website. They should be concerned that you have grounds for a lawsuit.
  6. please do spill the location of the ne'er-do-wells
  7. i'm curious to know what site it is too...
  8. What is your user ID on Ebay?
  9. I love to know too, this is terrible if true.
  10. We can't send a message to this new member yet. I wish she's come back and post the name of the site! It may very well be why some of you are being suspended.:shrugs:
  11. Where'd she goooooo.....
  12. I would like to know too, I still dont know why they did it to me
    I might be paranoid but someone also told me organized crime operates on E bay,

    Big stink over in the uk press at the moment re E bay
    they are allowing tickets for a huge concert this weekend to be put on sale
    Even though the tickets where given out by Radio one for free.
    Radio one is part of the BBC corporation which is paid by licence fees
    Do E bay care NO , they think they are even above the governmenet
    there the untouchables!!
    sorry for rant
    I am gonna do a google see if I can find site

    he h e
  13. eBay are VERY concerned about crooks using the site but people have to go about things the right way. If the BBC hasn't registered for VeRO and contacted eBay then eBay are not going to just stop the listings because the tickets were free. eBay can only act on what they are given
  14. The web site is

    Sorry Hyacinth I am NOT giving my ebay user ID because you may be Hyacinth Bucket on said forum.

    And yes I have my attorney after them......
  15. wow this is horrid

    I think Megs and Vlad should be told
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