another wealth challenged REVEAL!!!! HERMES BAG and other goodies!!

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  1. as some of you will recall i sold my old and not working computer and working kindle 2, the sales netted me $780 ($660 for the computer and $220 for the kindle 2, $100 for ebay/paypal fees and shipping) ....

    i was clear to spend $780 on hermes, LV and other goodies that i wanted!!! its like finding $780 under the couch!!! and i was going to spend it at H and LV but mostly at H :yahoo: :yahoo:

    i did go slightly over budget, but can a wealth challenged H fan get with 800$, time and patience.

    take your guess while i take pics of the hoard!!!
  2. :thinking:
  3. Hungry Tillie? :popcorn:
  4. ^Yes.....I'd love some, thank you!
  5. a bag, did you really get a bag? that would be an amazing and impressive feat! can't wait to see....
  6. :happydance::happydance:
  7. ^^^^:drinkup: Care for a drink to go with the popcorn?
  8. A bracelet and a scarf?
  9. Thanks! :tispy:
  10. wigglytuff.............. You must be a very good shopper!
  11. bextasy.......... Are we the only ones eating and drinking?
  12. :whistle:
  13. It looks like it :drinks:
  14. Where is everyone? :confused1:
  15. :ninja: