Another way to sopt a fake Marc Jacobs MP?

  1. I don't know if this is something everyone already knows but on eBay auctions for Marc Jacobs Multipocket bags I have asked numerous times about the handle ring at the base of the strap and determined fraud. I have owned a few MP's and the ring at the base of the strap stays stationary, it doesn't move at all. The strap moves back and forth on the ring but the ring doesn't turn. I justed asked the seller of auction

    Item number: 220109105974[​IMG]and her answer first was that it turns but doesn't spin. I wrote back to her telling her that I didn't understand her answer as I think turn and spin mean the same thing and she said it moves around but not easily. Al I wrong or id this another way to spot fraud?
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  2. the ring of my large and small mp do not spin. like you said, they remain stationary. perhaps this question belongs in the 'authenticate this marc jacobs' thread above. good luck with the bag and the seller!
  3. Perhaps she meant that is swings back and forth, but doesn't spin? That is what I thought of when I looked at mine just now.
  4. Actually I would not consider that to be a method of detecting a fake. The rings are held in place by a small metal piece, if that piece breaks the ring will no longer be stationary. That doesn't mean the bag is fake. I have owned a couple of bags that this has happened to and they were cetainly 100% authentic.
  5. Please note that Marc Jacobs Handbags would be genuine leather, hardware and Marc Jacobs Products are sold in Marc Jacobs Stores, authorized retailers and on the web at Marc Jacobs cannot guarantee the authenticity of products purchased anywhere else.

    Marc Jacobs Repair Center:tup:
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  6. ^^ Thank you, you are a gem!!
  7. My MJ brick red multipocket over time had a problem with wear where the rings were attached to the bag. You are right: they should not move and on brand new bags they DON'T move, but over time the leather which attached the rings to the bag started to crack a little. It started on one side, then it happened on the other. On one side the ring came loose and the "pin" which holds the ring stationary came out somehow and the ring would turn around. There is a space where the pin should go; the ring is not a fully complete circle- the space is where the pin is which is hidden under the leather on the bag. When it comes loose, the pin falls out, and the ring moves. I ended up sending the bag to MJ thru Bloomingdale's (I had talked to Diego and he, or one of the repair folks at MJ fixed it) and they replaced the missing pin, so both rings are "locked" again, and they fixed the leather so it looks brand new.

    I have noticed on eBay a few MJ bags which the honest seller may disclose "pin from ring is missing and ring spinds around, and needs to be fixed". So, in some cases it may be from wear, but just wanted to let you know that if the rings move, it does not necessarily mean in all cases that the bag is fake.

    Good luck!