Another watch question....sorry!

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  1. Ok so, following on from my previous thread. I have decided that neither of those designs really called out to me. Now iv decided I want one watch that I can wear at all occasions, look pretty and in proportion to me (tiny 5.5 inche wrists). I wear all types of jewelry, mostly yellow and white gold...with rose gold on occasions. I dont mind diamond pointers but no diamonds around the watch so not too bling bling. No leather straps, it has to have a bracelet. I dont mind if it has the date on it...would be nice to have it but its not a must.

    I want it to be a "forever watch"

    Ok so hear are the options, but im open to other suggestions (around similar price range)

    Longine, Prima Luna (Love it in two tone, I actually love the roman numerals) I like the bracelet and shape.

    Longine Prima Luna with diamond markers, it also has the date!


    Cartier tank solo (small, with ss bracelet)

    Now i know alot of people would automatically go with this as its Cartier, but im kinda of drawn back about the shape (it looks really big and im not into huge watches, and on my wrist...alot of watch look big) Its nice but, no diamonds, no date, no two I dont know if it would be dressy enough for certain occasions.

    so what do you all think?

    Im open to suggestions.

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I like the first Longines the best.
  3. The first one is nice!
  4. I like the Cartier best.
  5. how come? :smile:
  6. I like the shape of the case better. I really like this watch, and would love to have it with a leather strap. I think it would be a perfect everyday watch, just classic IMO. :biggrin:
  7. My only concern is how it's going to look on my skinny wrists
  8. The first Longines watch is beautiful! I love the Cartier too but the stainless steel wouldn't go as well with your other jewellery as the two tone would.
  9. Hm, have you considered the Small Tank Francaise? It´s more feminine than the Tank Solo and very petite. As for the Longines i would pick the second one. But please have a look at the Tank Francaise in small...I just don´t know about your budget since the TF is a bit pricier than then TS...
  10. Have you tried it on, I haven't and have small wrists too. So it may be too l large as you say, I just like the shape.
  11. The first one is my fav!
  12. The tank francaise is significantly more expensive (by £1000) it's out of my budget unfortunately :sad:
  13. Do you think the rose gold will be dated in a few years?
  14. Ok, so I googled the Longines watch and I think it looks pretty pretty on :smile:

    I love Cartier watches, but am not the biggest fan of the Tank Solo, I don´t I think I would pick the Longines then.
    As far as you are concerned about the rose gold...I love it personally and don´t think it will be dated. But I would always choose a plain steel watch over a two tone...I just think it looks more classy.
  15. I have skinny wrists too and i have the tank solo. I like that it is not too small, yet i feel the shape makes it look dressy enough. I attached a pic so u can have an idea how it looks on my skinny wrist, lol. My wrist size is about the same as yours.

    The longines one look pretty too. I was actually choosing between the prima luna or tank solo myself but i decided on the tank cos i prefer rectangular watch faces.

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