Another watch question,lol ... help me choose one for hubby, please

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  1. Our anniversary is coming up and I want to get hubby a new watch, hubby is a formula 1 fan so I immeadiately thought of the TAG (espcially since I have one & love mine)

    Now he likes "white/silver" dials but his other watch is silver and rather elegant so I thought these would be a nice change, what do you think?
    Which is nicer ?


  2. I prefer the first one, the black surround on the bottom one is too clunky
  3. 1st looks better IMO. What a great gift and happy anniversary!
  4. I agree, #1!
    DH has this one and it looks so good on, he gets comments all the time about it:
  5. Yah I have been looking into the carrera too it's my personal favorite, definately more elegant but he has already smth quite similar in design.
    So I thought smth sporty but I agree the first is a bid too much, especially from a girls point of view.
    Any other thoughts there are maybe models I havn't thought of ?

    Thanks howardu it's only in august but we will take a trip to celebrate in april/may so I want to get it all organised now.
  6. I got my DH the TH Link with the white face and mixed metal bracelet. It is a very classy watch and he loves it:smile:
  7. My DH wears this watch as his everyday watch and it fits his lifestyle as he doesn't have to wear suits to work.


    Your first choice is definitely more elegant, and your second choice is more casual. I am sure he will like whatever you choose though ;)
  8. I like the first one!
  9. i think I will order the first one, if you have other suggestions don't hesitate as long as it has to do with "automobile"...
  10. #10 Feb 21, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
    I am going back and forth, ruled out the second but now am wondering if I shoudn't consider this Aquaracer or even the "little" Breitling...


  11. I love Breitlings :love:
  12. LOVE the Breitling!