another wapity question..

Nov 21, 2006
I know it probably doesn't really matter....but I have a mono speedy and a damier speedy and I'm going to get a wapity. I cant decided between the mono, or the white mc. I will be keeping it in the bag, when I'm not carrying it and I dont know which one goes with both bags better. My other accessories are a mono wallet and a damier cosmetic bag. TIA
You could add a splash of color with the white mc. I have the mono and black mc wapity and I use them in all of my bags. I love to see something pretty and colorful inside my mono and damier bags. However, if you're going to use it a lot outside of the handbag, I would go for the mono. It can really take some abuse and still look great. The mc tends to rub off a little when you get rough with it. I wish they made it in Damier and Damier Azur!!