Another Wallet Hunt

  1. Can anybody direct me to any store (online or otherwise) that carries the Paddington Padlock Continental (long) wallet in ROCHE colour? I was able to get the C-buckle one (thanks ali_w!) but have been unsuccessful getting the padlock version.

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Try they have a few but not Roche colour. I also saw one on eBay today that was Roche and the lock but the smaller size.... sorry best I can offer up :smile:
  3. Oddly enough I was just discussing this wallet today at Nordstrom Mall of America. I know that Toni in the designer handbag department was able to locate a couple paddington wallets with the padlock in this color. Give her a call, she is so helpful and very sweet. 952-883-2121 ext 1255
  4. Chanelboy, thanks! I called Toni but she was unable to locate one. Thanks for the input though!

    beani_p, diabro doesn't have the colour I want and while that small padlock wallet in roche on eBay is gorgeous, I really want the long wallet. Thanks!

    If anybody sees this (even outside the USA) please let me know! :yes:
  5. Ahh thats too bad. I love Nordies SAs. I might have to track down a mais wallet but i dunno, i have the long one in silver.
  6. thanks compulsivepurse!!! I hope I find one soon!
  7. You're welcome! I hope you get one!

    I notice we've both been buying wallets during our purse bans, LOL.
  8. Glad I could help:yes: Did you find it at the grove(c-buckle wallet)? Let me know if you find that wallet(Long paddy wallet) and I will do the same. I too am searching for a grey paddy wallet to match my new gris-vert front pocket paddy:shame:
    I have seen some online but only in black and red, no other colors. Nordies doesn't seem to have them at all.
  9. Try roz77772002 on ebay. She just got me the long paddy (with the lock) wallets in metallic taupe, castor (burgandy), white and mais. I think she'll be able to help. If anybody can find it, she can:smile::yes:
  10. phew I read that wrong. I dont need the temptation. yet.
  11. hhahahah! so true! with the full price on these wallets, it's just like the discounted price of the bags on NM! :smile:

    ali_w, yep! at the grove! :smile:

    beanie, thanks! I'll contact roz if I really can't find it here in the US.
  12. Eucalyptic, any luck on that wallet???
  13. No :confused1:. I'll probably have better luck in Europe. Even Chloé Bahrain doesn't have it.
  14. I'm surprized that wallet is so hard to find. I would think that it would be just as popular as the paddy handbags. Everyone (stores) should carry it. I wonder why they don't.....:confused1: