Another Violet, and it's BIG!

  1. Hope you are not tired of seeing another violet. I was worried that the color will be too flashy for weekender and it turns out to be perfect!:heart: The leather is just yummy:tup:and it's so different from my BI work. I love both...
    DSC04611.JPG DSC04613.JPG DSC04618.JPG DSC04620.JPG
  2. i love your violet but REALLY love your blue india. it's a beautiful blue.. :smile:
  3. :drool::drool:

    If I didn't have my 04 Eggplant WE already, I'll be all over this one!!!!!!

    Congrats, it's stunning!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  4. Congratulations! The leather on your new Violet is perfect!!!
  5. Not too flashy at ALL! LOVE it!
  6. wow.. both of your bags are gorgeous!!
  7. It's also gorgeous in a weekender...Is there any style that Violet doesn't make drool-worthy?
  8. Awesome bag! Yknow, it's like I keep trying to avoid the temptation of buying something violet, but everyone is getting violet and your bag is straight up making me salivate! Gorgeous bag!

    PS your BI is happenin' in a far out kinda way! (I should go to bed I suppose?)
  9. She's lovely! Violet's such a star, and a weekender to boot! Congrats!
  10. That's the first violet weekender I've seen now! It's a beauty and that leather looks gorgeous! I also love your BI work, I have a BI city and it's a great color! Congrats!!!
  11. We're not tired of seeing violet bags and yours is gorgeous. Also love the BI. Congrats! They are both great bags.
  12. Gorgeous and not flashy at all, congrats!
  13. oh, I am sooo NOT tired of violet! Congrats! the leather is amazing!!
  14. I will NEVER tire of seeing Violet anything! Congratulations, it looks wonderful and the color is definitely perfect for the WE!
  15. That looks like the deepest and most gorgeous violet colour we have seen yet. Deeply envious!