Another vintage Kooba bites the dust....

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    NICE lining girlfriend! woowee!
  2. the leather looks soooooo soft! Please post pics modeling your new treasure!
  3. oh wow -- i'm sorry i can't help in regards to the style of the kooba, but it's sooo gorgeous and the leather looks sooo luscious! please be sure to model it when you receive it!
  4. ohhh i LOVE it!!! what a great looking bag!
  5. I love your new Kooba! And you talked her down in a major way, what a smart shopper you are!

    I wore my vintage brown shoulder bag as a crossbody today shopping & it was perfect and lightweight. I am a vntage Kooba addict, also. You will love yours & I can't wait to see it in pics!
  6. i saw that this morning and thought that it was gorgeous! i hoped one of you girls would snatch it up, it's just cool and the color is fab!
  7. Oooh, that lining is fabulous! So pretty!!!
  8. Very very cool. All I know if my Kooba file is filling up with Unknown named Koobas! This one is nice and you really got a deal on her.

    That snake one we have seen before. Remember the Pinkish one? Doesn't KoobaBagLover have the clutch in this style?
  9. Lexie, I watch that Croc Kooba too. Why won't that seller learn that bag just isn't worth that much.
  10. Love the first bag. That drawstring style is gorgeous. I kinda like the snakeskin, the style not so much, but I think it would make an adorable clutch.