Another Vintage Jumbo reveal!

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  1. I purchased another bag from a lady who was meticulous with her storage methods and she really amazes me with the condition of this 18 year old bag. I recently did a reveal of a 20 year old bag and I would like to share this bag with all the chanel lovers out there. It goes to show that the lambskin bag can still look marvelous at 18 years with good storage methods.

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  2. Nice! Yes, it's really nice to see what can happen if you just make sure to take care of your bags. Congrats in the find!
  3. Gorgeous!

  4. Thanks, now I just have to keep up with her previous storage methods and hopefully my little girls will get to inherited this bag in the future!

  5. Thanks! Lambskin is my new favourite bag.
  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! All these beautiful vintage reveals are really making me wish for one too.
  7. Wow the leather looks soft, supple and luscious! Love vintage Chanel. Enjoy :heart:

    Do share the storage methods if you know them, I have a lambskin as well and would love to know! Thanks so much.
  8. Wow great condition! Please share method if you know. Congrats on a beautiful bag!
  9. Gorgeous vintage!!!!
  10. gorgeous!
  11. Stunning! I will be searching for one now! Can you post a mod pic for us? Thank you and CONGRATS!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous Vintage bag!!! I love vintage Chanel, so this is making me drool! I would also love
    to know her storage methods. They obviously work, enjoy:woohoo:
  13. It's beautiful!
  14. This bag is gorgeous. I'm in search of a vintage Chanel. I hope I find one in as great a condition.
  15. Beautiful vintage! Congrats!