another VH id. shirt & sunglasses (?)

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  1. VH is looking fabulous now a days. Yeesh.


    Sunglasses & her white top anyone? Thanks in advance!
  2. Wow another cute one with a CRAAAAZY price. That's just not normal. 100% silk--must be miracle fabric
  3. jen, LOL! You and I are always after her stuff >:smile:
  4. her shirt is gorgeous but so expensive :sad:

    Yay she's wearing her joie boots though, mine should finally be arriving by next week :smile:
  5. Sparklybags! I forgot you! Your actually always after Vh's stuff along with Jen and I too!

    Lucky :sad:
    I'd love to own the Joie boots, but they're so pricey :sad:
  6. $297??? Seriously?!?! Anyway lovee the top it's too cute. She's got one of the best styles!
  7. OMG that is one expensive ass shirt...goodness! but very very cute.....
  8. Anna: We just have the same great taste!! :graucho:

    Sparkly: I'm so glad you were able to get the boots. Show us pics when you get it so we can oooohhhh and aaaaaahhhh. :drool:
  9. Anyone know about her sunglasses yet??
  10. The sunglasses look like Tom Ford or Marc Jacobs.
  11. Eeeeep another V.Hudge clothes freak here!

    'Cept I always lurk over her threads you ladies get into and don't post! I almost caved and got the VS sweater, but I knew it just wouldn't look good on me like it id on her or Anna!

    I agree w/ Jen...soooo lightweight and pretty but sooo pricey, ugh! I could never justify a shirt at that price, no way no how.

    If someone finds a similar cheap one let me know!;)

    I'm so glad she's still wearing the Joie boots, I can't afford the Joie ones, but I got a simiar-ish pair due to that thread, too.

    Yeesh I want to raid her closet badly - it's so funny to me too b/c I know she's in High School Musical and all that Disney junk, but she dresses so well! I have to say out of every celeb she IS my style inspiration hands down.

    Those glasses are sooo cute too.:supacool:
  12. Yay. Join the club RaquelleBelle and I'm sure that sweater would of looked great on you as well as it did on me sweetie!