Another Vegas post.. hehe

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  1. Well my SO and are planning a trip to Vegas and since I haven't been there in a while and he's never been there, I just wanted to ask a couple of questions to those that live there and those that frequent there often.

    I'll add a little background information, we live in Canada, so our outlet malls are not really outlet malls at all... haha and we're there in February!!

    I was wondering if the Neiman's last call outlet is good?! Because it's in the Primm Valley outlet and we were just gonna head to the Premium outlets, but if NM is worth it then we will go there too!! hahaha (I need to cram as much outlet shopping as I can into my system)

    Which of the Cirque shows is better Ka? or O?

    And are there any fantastic restaurants that you can recommend to me?! hehe

    TIA!! :love:
  2. Ka, hands down. O is spectacular, but Ka goes even beyond that. Mystere is also outstanding - I probably like it better than O as well. I've also heard good things about LeReve at Wynn, but haven't seen it. Phantom of the Opera is probably the best production of that show I've seen.

    If you're going to be at the MGM for Ka, and you're into sushi, Shibuya is fantastic. It's pricey, but worth the $$$. I have a ton of favorite restaurants, on and off the strip. Panevino is good for steak/seafood Italian, and Nora's or Bootlegger for normal lasagna-Italian. The Tillerman is my favorite steakhouse, although Delmonico at the Venetian is a close 2nd. If you're into really high priced dinners, my favorite is Picasso at the Bellagio.

    Neiman's is totally hit or miss, just like Off 5th (which is in LV). But the Primm outlet does have a few other higher end outlets - Burberry, Michael Kors, Tod's, and others. The Primm outlet is only 40 minutes or so from the strip, so it's probably worth the drive. HTH!
  3. ^^^^ I think I just figured out what your avatar is - fighting Illini?

    Are you going to have a car? Do you want to go off strip?
    What do you want to spend? What kind of cuisines do you like?
  4. ^^^ Yes, I'm sorry to say after the massacre at the Rose Bowl and our terrible bball performance so far this year - that is Chief Illiniwek. :woohoo:
  5. Thanks alot for the recommendations illinirdhd!! It's really apprecaited.

    I definitely wont' have a car.. haha we haven't planned for one. And we'll probably keep it on the strip as we only have a couple days there.
    Theres not constraints with spending money and we are definitely open to all sorts of cuisine!!
  6. If you have time, check out the buffet at the Bellagio - it is definately worth it! For lunch it is $20, but they have duck legs, about 15 different types of fish including my fave, sea bass, rack of lamb, ribs, flank is soooooooooo good... I went twice last week when I was in Vegas :tup:
    I'm from Canada too, so make sure you check out Miracle Mile Shops and Fashion Show Mall..they are both great!!
  7. ...another vote for Ka....mind blowing!!
  8. i've never seen Ka, but O was phenomenal. i would def. recommend it. I also watched Mystere, which is good as well. IMHO, you can't go wrong with any Cirque de Soleil shows. They put on great shows and the performances are spectacular. :tup:

    have fun and win big!! :smile: oh yeah and shop till you drop. :supacool:
  9. haha thanks! i will definitely remember the buffet at the bellagio!! And thank you for the mention of the miracle mile!! I will definitely be visiting it!!

    I am definitely looking forward to seeing one of the cirque shows!! I'm really excited about that part actually.

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

    Btw Lokailyve, your going to Vietnam?!!? it's beautiful there! it's a great place to visit!! I hope you have a fantastic visit there!
  10. Be sure to go to the Carnival Court outside of Harrahs. It's a lively bar and they serve amazing drinks. The bartenders do the whole flair bartending thing.
    I also really enjoyed RumJungle at the Mandalay Bay. A definite must if you're a fan of rum. They have over 200 varieties.
    There's way too much to see/doo

    Oh a nice lunch or dinner is at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris -- sit outside and watch the fountain show at Bellagio.
  11. I totally agree the buffet at Bellagio is worth it.