Another "Vandalized" Coach on ebay

  1. well that is just sad that someone would do that to a lovely purse! shame on them :[[
  2. I don't get why people buy these vandalized bags.

    Do they not realize that permanent marker does not come up out of fabric especially delicate material like legacy stripe!?!?!?

    Over $80!!! This is not even a good deal for that bag. This bag was on sale at dillard's brand new for like a little over hundred during their major new year's sale.
  3. Looks like the beginning of an expensive Tic-Tac-Toe game.
  4. It doesn't make sense. Coach wouldn't let that bag out the door.
  5. What I dont understand is why someone would buy this in the first place? Or maybe it was thrown out and someone just took it?
  6. I wonder if the bag was supposed to be destroyed because of the stain, etc. So it was marked with magic marker to prevent resale...

    I remember when I worked at Woolworths and we had to rip the covers off of books and magazines before we destroyed them. They went in the dumpster...
  7. It seems that someone is taking damaged bags that were meant to be destroyed. Same with the last one that was posted on here, i think it was a carly with a big X in the middle and an arrow.
  8. Sad. There are some twisted people out there.
  9. You and I were posting at the same time and after I saw your post, what you said makes sense. Maybe it was a bag that was meant to be destroyed. I'd rather think that than someone is going around vandalizing merchandise.
  10. this is terrible! They should just destory the bags instead of trying to sell them!
  11. I bet that these bags were supposed to be destroyed, as someone mentioned above. If Coach knows about them showing up on eBay, I bet they are NOT happy!
  12. What I don't understand is how anyone would have access to these bags if they were meant to be destroyed by Coach. Would they be marked at the factory, or after they reach the stores ( maybe they were flawed when they were delivered and the store marked them?) If so, how would any eBay seller have access to them?
  13. Dumpster Diving?
  14. Dumpster divers. Seriously.