Another vachetta problem

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  1. Ok, I have a monogram speedy I would love to use but I'm so afriad of carrying it anymore because the handles are so dirty. Thing is when I bought it I didn't know about the don't carry it in your hand rule, the vachetta is a very pretty honey now, I wouldnt say very light but not very dark either. Anyways it looks alot darker than it really is because of it because so dirty from holding it with my hands for a long period of time.

    So my question is, how do i get the dirt off?! I've tried baby wipes and didn't really see a difference, I may try it again, but other than that, what do you suggest?

    :hysteric:PS I know there are alot of thread like this but all I see is baby wipes when I search them
  2. Thanks, I did that and now one of my handles is a completely differant color than the other, Fabulous. I'm just going to get them replaced now I guess...
  3. Many have used the Magic Eraser successfully, but I don't think it should be used on entire handles. Perhaps a small spot...but that is it. Magic Erasers are pretty abrasive and will definitely remove some (if not all) of the leather's top coat. Very bad for your vachetta.
  4. Oh no! Since you're already at that mentality of getting them replaced, why not try it with some baby wipes on one of the handles to see if the color can even out?
  5. You can send your bag to Lovinmybags - they can clean the handles for you (not sure of price). If the oils need to be extracted to clean it, I believe it is more expensive, so I don't know if just replacing the vachetta would be better or not. If you do replace the vachetta, they have a product called For Handles Only that gets good reviews on other sub-forums within TPF. It helps prevent the vachetta from absorbing the oils from your hand but still allows it to patina (according to the e-mail I got from the company). I have ordered some and it should be here soon.
  6. Try using Purell on your hands and letting the purell dry before holding on to the vachetta, it works for me. It keeps the oils and dirt away.
  7. Before getting them replaced, try a gentle facial rinse-free milk cleanser. There was a member that used it on the leather of her lockit bag and it turned out beautiful, she showed before and after photos and the milk cleanser was a rise-free product so it was easily applied and it did not strip the natural shine either in the leather or mess of the patina. Good Luck!
  8. IDK if it will help, and I am a bit crazy so don't get scared, but I had a couple of darker spots on my carry all so I decided to even out the patina...
    So I took it with me for a bath! I turned on the shower and let the water work it's magic on the vachette. After two days drying it's MUCH better then before, and the patina is pretty much the same throughout the bag!