~~~ Another Use For my VIOLETTE Cosmetique ... what do you think? ~~~

  1. Hi ladies and gents ... when Hubby:love: got me this cosmetique for Valentine's, I thought :thinking:it was too pretty for my make-up ... and would make a better wristlet, so ... voila!

    I borrowed my Wapity's strap and now my cosmetique is a wristlet ... what do y'all think?

    Does it look dumb? :tup: or :tdown:
    cosm1.jpg cosm2.jpg cosm3.jpg cosm4.jpg cosm5.jpg
  2. Sweetpurple you are so creative! It is definitely too pretty to use as a make up bag. I love the idea of using it as a clutch! I want one now....:tup:
  3. ^^^ Thank you ... I'm in trouble now, 'cuz I want the other colors too ...

    oooh and the silver and gold ... hmmm
  4. I think it's very neat idea. :tup:

    If you don't mind, I think, I have to borrow your method and use it with my mirror cosmetic cases. :shame:
  5. Sweet you are very creative. thanks for sharing
  6. Definitely a THUMBS UP .... :tup:

    Thats such a great idea.

    Perfect for a quick run out the door, a girl's night out or for an evening dinner.

  7. oooh that would look great with the mirror too ... kewl!
  8. Looking good! :tup:
  9. ^^^ Thanks Sweetie! Those were my thoughts exactly ...
  10. very clever....:tup:
  11. Great idea, I absolutely agree that these bags are too good for cosmetics
  12. Great Idea!:tup:
  13. That's a great idea! You're right they need to be shown off for the world to see its beauty. Definitely get the other ones now ;)
  14. very cute, love the wapity strap on it :smile:
  15. oh no! now i want a cosmetic bag reaaaaaaaaal bad!