Another University Thread: What degree & indiv. classes are marketable!

  1. Hello! I've got a slight variation on the "What to do with a Psychology degree?" thread that I started and the "What to do with a Sociology degree?" that followed. I ask you:

    What's a good major or minor to have right now, and why? What electives can I take to make myself more marketable when it comes time for me to get a "real" job?

    Electives: Languages, I would imagine, are an asset, and I've heard that employers love it when you've taken a class or two in statistics.
  2. It really depends on what you are interested in. I wouldn't choose a major just because it's desirable right now - choose what you like to do! If you don't know what you want, maybe you could go to a CC (to save costs) and take a gouple of GE courses to figure out what you like and what you don't like. If you don't want to go to a CC, you could use your first 2 years at Uni to take some GEs, but it will likely lengthen the time you're gonna be in school.

    Rather than trying to market yourself via electives, I think it might be better to do internships while in college, to show that you have experience and have a definite interest. Also, by doing internships you get to see what actually happens in the career you choose.

    Depending on the career you choose (ex. business) you're going to have to take statistics. Stats was part of my old college major too, Biology & Secondary Education. My exboyfriend was a Computer Science / Information Systems double major and also had to take statistics.

    As for using languages as an "asset", I'd say you'd have to take more than 2 semesters since a lot of colleges (the Univ. of Maryland requires or required? it) make you take at least 2 semesters of a foreign language. If you want to go into the business field (depending on what type of business), many advisors say that Middle Eastern languages are valuable.

    Can I ask how old you are? Do you have any idea of what you want to do??