Another Uncomfortable Moment Brought To You By, "Jesus Cruise"

  1. Isabella looks like a girl giving a bad date a pity kiss. Check out the choke-hold Tom has her, it maybe preventing any repulsed noises coming out. She's a little bigger than him, though, so she shouldn't have a problem getting out of it!


  2. aww, it's embarrassing for your DAd to be trying to kiss on you in front of your cool friends!
  3. Ever since the "Oprah episode" Cruise kind of bugs me.
  4. Especially if your dad is this nut job!
  5. Same thing here.
    I can't stand him lately (esp. since making this whole show with Katie: dating, engagement, child, wedding etc.). I hate 'War of worlds' and here he is dressed nearly the same. I just wish I didn't see him that much.
  7. "Kind of.." is an understatement!! He's a downright FREAK!!! :nuts:

  8. HAHA! He's been becoming freakier and freakier! He scared the heck out of me when he was on oprah!
  9. :shame:
  10. This scene is so artificial...Tom become a crazy and anoying guy, he is so predictable, as Katie....Poor childrent...
  11. :sweatdrop: Poor Isabella. :p
  12. Poor kid, I can't imagine what it must be like to call him Dad. He acts so weird!
  13. I seriously dont see anyhting wrong with this????
    A father hugging his daughter after the match?
    Why on earth is that uncomfortable?:huh:
    I guess people love to hate Tom so even normal day to day stuff like hugging his daughter seems weird to them,very strange..........:confused1:
  14. ^ I don't think there's anything wrong with a father hugging his daughter, but that poor girl looks like she wants to get away. Fast.
  15. That's what it looks like to me.