AnoTher TwO AdORabLe BaBieS of ILML's just ArriVed!! (-_-)

  1. I have been waiting for two of croc KP that I paid for in Paris since October. :girlsigh:

    One of them just arrived today and it's the first time I am holding the croc KP in my hand. She is so adorable and her skin is so pretty and the color is very nice and she looks so healthy!!! :yahoo:

    I am introducing my new baby fushia niloticus croc KP with palladium hardware. :love: :heart:


  2. WOW! That's a beautiful bag! Congratulations!!! Now where's the second one?
  3. oh my, its freaking gorgeous!!! love the color so much.

    CONGRATS! :biggrin:
  4. ILML, Wow!! That's knock-out!! Congratulations!!!
  5. *faints* Gorgeous. So gorgeous.
  6. Congrats ILML!! that's one gorgeous colour especially when combined with an exotic of such.

    I can imagine you carrying that baby with a simple black dress and it'll be a show-stopper, just enough pop of colour =)

    Once again, YAY!!! CONGRATS!!

    Now, do we have to wait in sorrow for the 2nd one, or are you gonna post that up soon? ;)
  7. gorgeous! looks like porosus.. the scales are so fine and the color is so deep and rich
  8. Beautiful color, looks great in croc...congrats!
  9. Another exquisite beauty to add to your family!! I love that pop of color, fuschia is just so dreamy... I can't wait for all those yummy modeling shots coming up!!
  10. Oh wait, there's a second baby?!!
  11. WOW!!! The fuchsia croc KP is stunning, ILML!! Can't wait to see you model her with your outfits!
  12. What a lovely bag and a great splash of colour!
  13. Wow!!!


  14. ilovemylife you have the loveliest things! Congratulations!
  15. That's a really nice pop of color, love it!:yahoo:Congrats ILML!