Another trip to Kittery

  1. No real point to this thread (I didn't buy anything, DH does not share my love for Coach) I actually was up there returning a jacket from Banana Republic that DH didn't like, so anyway they had some new stuff from the week before. I don't like Scribble but they had a scribble messenger bag with a suede top near the zipper. They also had some cute scribble totes. They had some stuff from the classic line that was pretty cheap like a few black leather backpacks with the turnlock closure. And maybe a Station bag or one of those small flap classic leather ones. They had a lot of mini signature which I didn't realize was an outlet exclusive, I thought they sold it in the retail store at one point, maybe they did ? They had some really cute pink suede stuff, a large hobo in pink suede and some small pink suede bags that came out to be like 60 dollars. They had some really cute straw totes with gold trim. They had the bee stuff, wristlets and bags and scarves (cute but not for me) lots of accessories and stuff, luggage in mini sig that was actually reasonably priced. The only regular signature items they had were that wierd combo of large and mini sig stripe down the middle where the mini c's are all tilted in the center stripe, I thought they were kinda ugly, i don't like things with a lot of detail and stuff attached, extra stiching or beads etc. They had some cute wristlets in all of the spring colors made for the outlets esp my favorite "mist". Charms and keyfobs, they had the glittery sandal ones and the glittery flip flop charm. Also the signature key fob and a cute little red handbag charm/keyfob as well as the one that spells "Coach" and the rainy day key fobs/charms some were $24 dollar and some were i think $38 ? They had letters but very limited choice they didn't have mine or my kids. They had a lot of gold question marks and some exclaimation points. Oh and the SAs there are so nice and friendly. Thought I would share.
  2. They has signature in Kittery? Wow! That's rare!

    I live about an hour north of Kittery.

    And yes, I've found the SA's in Kittery and Freeport are so nice!
  3. Thanks for the nice post! I love reading about everybody's store trips. :yes:

    I thought the mini sig used to be in the regular stores, too, but not sure on that... I have the black/white satchel from an outlet and it's one of my favorite bags! It's always there, though, so probably that IS an outlet exclusive? I know my accessories are not.

    Oh, and I love that signature collection with the 3 stripes down the front! I don't normally like too much detail either -- but they have a little pouch with the red stripes and I want that soooooooooo badly!

    LOVE Kittery, BTW. I used to visit there all the time... I went to my junior and senior years in HS in Maine and went to college in Orono... sure do miss it!