Another Treat to Celebrate My Success--a Quick Short Reveal

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  1. WHOA! That is awesome! Congratulations on a fab new wallet to stash your extra cash in from your FAB new job! You go, girl! :yahoo:
  2. Thank you, lisawhit, eliz, and hermesmonkey!

    harleyNemma: Thanks, and higher salary = more Hermes, right?!

    Mr Posh: I'll give you a call. Next week looks good for me!

    And here's a pic of the inside:

  3. Congrats on your new job and the new wallet!
  4. Congratulations on your new job, and your fabulous new wallet!
  5. Congrats on your new job & beautiful wallet.
  6. pr1nc355, thanks so much for that pic of the inside! It looks like a fabulous compact wallet. Hmm... maybe I need me one of these... Oh darn. I knew I shouldn't come to "reveal" threads..:roflmfao:
  7. Thanks, mrsbaglady, jag, and plum blossom!
  8. :lol: I hear ya on that. But if you really are in the market for a new wallet, I highly suggest a Bearn:tup:
  9. You made a sophisticated, classy choice to go with your new job. Excellent!
  10. Lol! You are such an enabler! I already have the long version of the Bearn but sometimes I need a smaller wallet to fit into my clutch (so I can shove more things still into that clutch!:sweatdrop:). The compact Bearn looks mighty tempting...!!!
  11. congrats on your new job and on your H goodie!!! that etoupe sounds yummy!!!! your rouge garance is yummy too!!
    Congratulations on your new job...what a lovely H find to celebrate with.
    A black box bearn is very special!! YAY FOR YOU!
  13. Thanks, Victoria!

    Serenity: Here's some more enabling:devil:...I agree the compact Bearn would give you more room in your clutch, but to solve the clutch problem (now it sounds like we're talking about a car!), if you want to keep your long Bearn, you can always get a Paris-Bombay! I have one, and I often use it as an evening bag.

    PBC: Thanks! I :heart: my rouge baby! I've been using it almost every day since I got it. The etoupe was yummy! Amkur and I tried it on, and we were both marveling at it. I totally wanted one of us to get it, but it wasn't meant to be. Oh, well, another to add to my wishlist:P
  14. Thanks, CobaltBlu!
  15. Congratulations on your new job! This is such a great way to celebrate!